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June 08, 2011



Apparently, I lived in Corona del Mar long enough to recognize JUST the sky as being Newport Coast! Or I just made a lucky guess before reading the location. =)

Great technique, lovely photo. It's no wonder Alive in Wonderland is one of my all-time favorite blogs. =)

busy bee Suz

I need a few classes like this as well.
And I DO love that photo Suz!

Mental P Mama

Oh how I wish...Beautiful shots;)


I wish you could put me in your pocket and take me with you to all of the fun things you do! Thanks for sharing. Pelican Hill looks wonderful. I haven't been there yet.


Great shot Suz!

Lorna Harris

Lovely photo - the class looks great as well. And the app! I love everything!


That's one great photo!


What a beautiful artistic way to capture your day Suz. It was fun having you in our class, we were thrilled that you made it, and even more excited that you seemed to learn something! :-)

noe noe girl

Awesome shot!

Andrea Memenas

Beautiful shot from a wonderful day. I totally need that class! Am going to view your Whrrl so I can learn more and sign up. Fun seeing you at the Spa.


Awesome picture. Thanks for sharing. Nicely done!

vicki grobels

Love the photo - very artistic !

megan O.

I like the reflection and the place on the backround!


Sadly, you'll have to wait a while till I get around to getting an iPhone - THAN I can download that cool app. :-) Love that photo!


Even with a PHONE you take fantastic photos! That does it. I'm gonna make you a shoebox camera and see what you can do with it. : )

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huh..seems like you had a wonderful day..that blue sky and the sea look just amazing..and looks like you've catched some pretty good tips for taking photos, 'cause the one you made adding your reflection to the stunning scene behind you, it's very artistic too.


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