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June 08, 2011


Mental P Mama

That is all kinds of AWESOME!!!

noe noe girl

Love it!


You said it all for us!! Rock on babes!

Busy Bee Suz

Gosh..I just loved that video!!! You are all so cute.
And yes, reaching out there into the unknown...it is aways good to start with 80's music!!


Cutest. Thing. Ever.


I think anytime women show any kind of power it's intimating to people. I agree, mom blogging has helped me connect with some awesome moms and a little bit of snark and satire while your kids are napping is always a plus.
Love the video. I want to make one, going to look at my 80s playlist now. I'm thinking Debbie Gibbson. LOL! or Tiffany!


PS what's with the rabbit?

Susan M

You guys are so awesome! I'm totally posting this on my blog now...

Joe Sweden

This made me smile from beginning to end. Thanks!


OMG, I love this y'all! I love how you're singing the harmony line in the last verse!


Very cute! You guys are too funny.

Keith Sharon

Remember Jenelyn Russo and Ellen Bell from the OC Register Angels blog.

lisa mertins

my favorite part is ben falling over! very, very fun.

and you know i'm in 100% agreement about the empowerment for women that blogging brings. the future led by moms looks bright!


that's cute, suz :)


Blogging not only lets us express ourselves as individuals, but it also creates a forum where we can congregate and meet other women in our areas outside of the PTA, work or church. You and others have been instrumental in getting us together IRL, for which I'm thankful. I never would have met you at a Ducks game or met Pam of CHOC fame, who lives just a stone's throw from me, if it hadn't been for blogging.

Love the video, love the post, love blogging (reading and doing).
Terry aka Drama Momma :0)

Andrea Memenas

I share your earnest opinion of mom bloggers. We're women with a voice, and we finally have a fabulous way of expressing ourselves in a way that connects us to 1000s of other women all over the world who share our joys, struggles and feelings.

Doing this video was so much fun. We need to come up with a follow-up act. Will look through my extensive catalog of '80s music now.

Thanks, Suz, for the lip dub idea and pulling it all together! You are OC Mom Blogger extraordinaire!!!


love it! And blown away by the collective girl power :)

Pam De Jong

Love it. And I love Oprah.

Rachel Maguire

I always new I was a Rock Star, this is just confirmation! You guys are too cute...I need to invite you all over for my next karaoke night.


I love the video, just loved it!!


Not even sure how many times I've watched this now. Please don't pull up your stats and tell me. I like being a PRETEND stalker, not a REAL stalker. ; )

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Jamie Bengard

soooooo so cute!! How fun!!!


Great post/video.

Movers San Antonio

Really well done and may I say a you guys are so pretty :-)

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