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June 07, 2010



Oh Suz, I laughed all the way through this. I am so happy you survived.
I would think twice about a Christmas gift for the gate guard though.
I had about 36 hours alone this weekend. Yes. 36. It was weird.
Good, but weird.
I never knew there was a medical term for my fear of Chuck E. Cheese. Thank you.
You are so funny. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Love it. I never can figure out how I start out with such great plans to "do something" with free time and end up not accomplishing anything even remotely constructive. I do always feel better after the confusion wears off though.

Joe Sweden

Brilliant! Don't thing I didn't catch the "The Pottery Barn Kids Catalog Mystique: Parenting is about more than heirloom quality quits and color coordinated storage baskets" reference. You really did minor in women's studies at SFU.


I have no idea what you are talking about. ;)

The Glamorous Life Association

Aw. How cute!

connie Davis

Hilarious! I mean really really hilarious!


This is the most newsworthy topic I've read about it eons!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Very impressive! Think it will happen again?

Baby Favorite

Priceless! Love it.


Thank god you made it through the day - if only it could last longer! Hilarious!


Too funny! You crack me up as always.


I am also a Chuckephobic. I've tried therapy but it's hopeless. Glad you survived your ordeal.


Brilliace again, suz!!


awesome awesome!

Julie Scott

Funny! I was home alone on Monday. I also napped, then organized a pile of random papers and mail that had consumed our coffee table while watching "True Jackson VP" on Netflix.


What is this "alone" of which you speak? I don't understand. Can you send summa that to Maryland, please?

I am happy to learn that one of my disorders has a name. That place with the big rat and mobs of other people's hyperactive children and all the sticky tables? Where I once lost my 2 year old son in the tube maze on the ceiling, while I was holding a baby and couldn't go in after him? Yeah. That place. I'm still scared, 12 years hence. GAH.


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