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May 05, 2010



COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! Love this post!!!! Couldn't have said it better myself!!! But of course...just like Christina and Britney...these teen stars go very bad very fast.


Almost as bad as the video are the lyrics! I wouldn't want my kid walking around singing something like that. Heck, I would even sing something like that. Yeesh.

Mental P Mama

Her parents cannot think because the dollar signs are blocking their eyes.

Busy Bee Suz

Yep, Suz, I agree with you 100%.
My oldest will be 17 this summer..I could not for a second imagine her all done up like that and spouting those lyrics.
I do hope you can get the webkinz name changed!!


Fly away, little bird, fly away.


I totally agree. I hope her dad remembers that it is not just the darling little girls watching this video, but also the dirty old men.


Sorry... this dad would be compelled to kick somebody's A$%! That, and give a nice long time out to a few people. Nice prose, Suzanne.


Great post, I agree with you. It's over the top & even though she's getting older they neglect to remember that 'children' still look up to her.


I love your daughter's comment...you brought her up right!

noe noe girl

It's all about the ching!
How sad.


I have to agree COMPLETELY with you & everyone's post. I can only say-"WOW!" I guess the lyrics speak enough, she can't be saved...at least not by her parents.

jen broas

Modesty is the right choice. Miley is in big trouble and her parents? I don't think they were THINKING at all!

Andrea Charroin

I watched this video yesterday and had some of the same thoughts. What on earth are her folks thinking? It seems that most of these girls that become big stars sooner or later decide to show the public how 'grown up' they are and need to express how 'artistic' their music has become. My kids were never into Miley. (Yeah me!)
I Hope that Icarly's parents are more on the ball than Billy-Ray.


Suz, I can't help but think this too...my precious daughter turned 17 yesterday, and as I watched it, I couldn't help but think of these two girls, same ages, who have totally different lives. I find it so sad that girls (and women!) feel the need to behave like p*rn stars in order to sell music, and that her parents apparently encourage (or at least allow) this. Ugh. I'm glad my girls haven't been that into Miley, because that would be hard to explain. Then again, I was almost more offended by her little act swinging around the brass pole for that performance a few months ago. You're right. What are the parent's thinking?

Carrie Braunalicious

Amen, sister. That video is insane! I saw an MTV frame by frame of Miley talking about the video and saying "it's not all about selling sex." Could have fooled me. I love that Emily gets it, and now you have the evidence to remind her!


Well, Miley's parents already allowed Annie Liebowitz to photograph their daughter - then 15 - wrapped up in sheets, with smeared red lipstick. Maybe it's about taste as well as modesty?!


no no no! Just terrible!

Rachel of Fabumom

After watching this video, I'm actually at a loss for words! That's okay, you said it all sister!

Hippo Brigade

First off, rad video concept. Love the bird cage theme. Secondly, yes, she's a bit too young to be dry humping other girls. I'm not sure of the exact legal age for that, but I think she's too young. Also, she looks like she's trying too hard. Sad? Yes. Making lots of money? Extra yes.


The video is blocked. It won't let me in, but I can imagine what it looks like and the 'theme' of the video.

I was thinking how it is possible to not get all trampy and still be a star. Look at Kelly Clarkson. Fantastic singer, makes good money I'm sure, and is NOT slutting it up. Like you, I think the thing that gets me is Miley Cyrus's age.

Loved that webkinz comment from your daughter. How perfect is that.


I had to go through this with my 16-year-old daughter who worshipped Britney Spears back in the day. We had many a long conversation about sharing your gifts (as in musical talent) and oversharing your gifts (as in exposing yourself to the world in exchange for money). It's a hard one for parents since most tweens just adore older teenage girls. Personally, we do not allow the Disney Channel to be played in our home. I"m going to keep my 4-year-old away from that shameless marketing machine/exploiter of children for as long as I can. I didn't know better with my first. I had no idea.


What are her parents thinking? They appear NOT to be thinking at all, to me. Golly I'm glad I have boys.

lisa mertins

i agree too suz. much too much too soon! i think your daughter's reaction along with the 14-year-olds i've been talking to about it can be a consolation. "she's trying too hard" was what i heard mostly. i think girls with sense see through what this move looks like; pathetic and not something they want to emulate...


Can't watch the video, but it takes very little imagination to -- that's IT! That's my hook with my girls. "Look, girls, see how dull she is? Anyone can shake her hips like that. She has absolutely NO imagination." And they'll agree with me and move on. For now. When they're 13? Ay-yi-yi, I can only hope.

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