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April 07, 2010


Elaina Avalos

Okay friend, so I'm pretty sure you know I'm a big fan of your writing but I'm totally convinced you just get better all the time. Taking the parenting stuff out, since you know, I don't have kids, this is a really powerful post for me.

"Think of perspective as your secret super power, I tell them." I'm convinced about 99.9% of the time that my perspective is not all that great and that no one is listening. But there's something about the way that you've worded this that really struck a chord with me. I needed that.


Perspective as a super power. I love, love this. I mean really love this. I'm totally going to use that.

Fantastic post, Suz!!!! I even teared up a little.

Mental P Mama

You are the coolest Mom. Ever!!!!

Baby Favorite

Pretty cool indeed... even for a grown-up. ;-)

Joe Sweden

Beautifully written. Just wonderful.
via email.


Are cowboy boots actually COMFORTABLE???


Wonderful piece of writing.


DAMN! I don't have the StumbleUpon bar installed on this computer yet, or I'd have Stumbled this (and the cowboy video). But I'll do it later. It's the closest I have come to a super hero.

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