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April 21, 2010



Too funny, I use to work for Gary back in my Disney days. We uses to call him the voice of God on the radio back when he was a manager in outdoor vending because his voice was so deep! He is a really good guy!

Elaina Avalos

He DOES look like Duchovny. And now "David Duchovny why don't you love me?" is going through my head.

Love the corn dog story. Totally get that food memory thing and Disneyland. My thing is the Dole Whip of course.

Joe Sweden

You're right, it's right smack dab in the middle somewhere. That's why I like your blog, it covers it all.

lisa mertins

dole whip, dole whip, DOLE WHIP!!!! this series w/gary has been great. but what's a corn dog dinner without a dole whip for dessert?

Mental P Mama

Oh great. Now I need a corn dog. And you nailed your description of the face and the voice on the head! What's a Dole Whip?

Doug l

He's cute! More please!


Lol Doug There is something about a man talking about food that enhances his cuteness. Yes, more please.

Jen & Bern

Oh yes, Dole Whip! By the way, we can't forget the churros!


My friend Cheryl loved this story. She loves the corn dogs and once waited almost an hour for one when we were at Disneyland together.


I love the Disneyland Corn Dog and totally get this. It's important, the little things are important and make life sweet. I'm so glad they changed back to the old corn dog, I wouldn't want to have to hurt Gary. He's a babe and a half.


This is the most Existential post about corn dogs ever written. Nicely done.

Christine Babu

Great post


Disneyland Corn Dogs are hands down the best in the entire world. 100% sure of it. No doubt whatsoever! :D

I LOVE your post Suz. And, of course, the awesome interview. :D

noe noe girl

Now I have the perfect reason for going back to Disneyland!

Lindsey (aka the Modchik)

I live for corn dogs - now I HAVE to try one at DISNEYLAND!

Elaina Avalos

Since my personal, all time favorite Disneyland treat is the Dole Whip, I'd love to hear from Gary about that. And also? A promise in writing that the Dole Whip will never disappear. :)

Rachel Maguire

Glad the Disneyland Corn dog is finally getting the recognition it deserves! I just have to get one every time I go. I love hearing little quirky insights such as this, especially about my favorite theme park.


Who knew a story of a corndog could be made to sound so sexy? Love hearing Gary speak, too bad he is a married man guess he is just another part of the Disney fantasy ladies.


I was riveted. Absolutely riveted. He rocks the corn dog story all right. I think I'm even sweating a little. Nice job, both of you. Now I'm hungry.

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