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April 06, 2010


Keli Horton

This video is superb! Each video is getting better and better. Great Job! Looks like you all had a great time.

noe noe girl

You have all the fun! Cant wait for the pics.
We had a good Easter too!

Debbie, Peace Love and Momminess

Bunny & I just watched together. Loved it. He did too. xo


This is so amazing!!!!! Looks like a wonderful weekend with great folks.
Um, hello? Can you teach me how to make videos like this? You are outstanding Suz.
Linds went to a dude ranch camp for spring break...and she did not want to come home!!!!

lisa mertins

oh boy! if you know cowboys, you know what a feat it is to crack that cowboy veneer. which makes you, suzanne, a genius. i love, love, loved this.

Joe Sweden

Outstanding work! As you know, old video guy here, people don't realize how hard this is to pull off. This is just brilliant. You make it seem so easy.

Connie Davis

This is amazing! Absolutely amazing! You are such an inspiration.


Awesome video. The terrain looked really familiar so I looked it up and sure enough, it's fairly close to me. Looks like a great place to spend a weekend and great job putting that together, the music was perfect as well.


Such a fun loving video!! Glad I stopped by.

The Blue Ridge Gal


You have a way of making everything look fun!

Mental P Mama

So amazing. I treasure my picture of your boots!


I am in love with this video! Your perspective is always top-notch!


I love this. Such a perfect song choice too. You're so good with the videos. I'm jealous.

Joe Sweden

I keep coming back to watch this. It's that good.


Great Video Suz! What a treasure for you kids to have for years to come. Glad you guys had a great trip.

Angie Rumsey

OMG!!! A tear! I want to do one of those!


What everybody said. Times eight. You have such a gift -- not just an eye, which is special enough, but of TIMING. Your editor sense is spot-on. I am jealous beyond description.


Holy crap! that is one the most beautiful video I've ever seen. You made that? Well done.

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