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October 15, 2009


Lisa Robertson

I love it! My dog is a complete moron with it comes to the rain. Whenever it starts and it's been a while, he seems to have forgotten how much it sucks to get wet. He stands outside until he's soaked to the bone. Once he's realized he's drenched, then he freaks out. In subsequent hours and days, he tries to pee on our sun porch, as if we are going to ok him using the indoors as his toilet because there's a few sprinkles.


i was just going to post that socal dogs everywhere were standing at the back door going "i'll hold it, thanks." yesterday...then i read lisa's post!

Peace Love and Momminess

Love the shots! Funny stuff. My guy just said "George? That's a crazy name; the monkey's name is George!" :)


I couldn't stop laughing out loud as I read this post. My dog Artie and I had the same showdown yesterday. I closed the back slider and made him stay out there until he did his business. Haha! He was not a happy dog!

Mental P Mama

LOL I have a New England hound that won't go out in the rain. Luckily, she has a bladder the size of Texas....


My dog refuses to go out in the rain. He can't go if he's wet. I chalk it up to my same issue when standing in the men's room at a latrine surrounded by other dudes. Ain't gonna happen...


This is so funny. My dogs loathe the rain too and in Sunny Florida, it rains all the time. I have to take them out with a big ol umbrella. Yep, I can only imagine what the neighbors are saying.
George is so cute. :)


My dog loved snow. Hated the rain. When a pretty lightweight tropical storm (seriously, it was just like a regular rainy day) blew through Eastern Carolina, she refused to so much as put a foot outside. She did however whine and complain until late that night when there was no wind and not even a sprinkle. When it snowed? She was running around and jumping in it like crazy. Still got wet. Duh. She was a weirdo. :)

jen broas

Pretty sad that our dogs are as spoiled as we are... I wonder if they'd still want to do dog beach in the rain.. that might be a fun test!


George looks exactly like the dog we had when I was a kid and she didn't like going in the rain either. She would stand at the edge of the patiountil she couldn't hold it any more, then dash out and do her duty. It was hilarious!

Also I think doggie depends exist already. Sadly.


You are cruel to poor George!

Live More Now

My little chihuahua can relate. (Unhappy about rain). One day in Walla Walla when I went to let him out the backdoor to go potty, I was walking out and assumed he was with me (so door was swinging shut behind me) and he saw the rain, and just. stopped. Right. in. the. doorway. And it munched his little tail. And now he has a crook in it forever, poor little guy.

noe noe girl

What a cutie! My dogs are not fond of the rain. Those are some great shots of George!


Something so uncommon must make it extra special then? Strange, I havenĀ“t seen George before. Well, a big HELLO, then!


My dog, Bear, is the exact opposite. I have to ask, then demand, and then eventually bribe/ trick him to come indoors.

fancy feet

It rains here often. In fact it's raining right now. Pouring actually.

Emily broughton

Mom, our dog is absolutely crazy! Sometimes he embarrasses me.he is crazier than my little brother.

Grace Hebert

Emily,Ben&Famly,your dog is absolutely adorable.
I love Your dog's.

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