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August 03, 2009



totally bummed! Everyone was there!


This looks like so much fun. Quite the gathering of great minds. I suppose the internet was dead while you all were at your ball?


Internet traffic from OC died that night! It must be so. :-)


Totally hilarious. You really captured the mood. Lovely evening - Marcy IS awesome. I'm not going to say "You're not a dork." Instead - "We all displayed our dork-itude proudly that night." You are in good company.

Peace Love and Momminess

LOVE it! You're such a CUTE "dork"! What a fun capture of the night and great to see everybody! As usual, your editing looks effortless, and liked the post-wrap. Thanks for always entertaining, Suz and showing me how it's done. And thanks again Marcy :)

Joe Sweden

You shine in your videos. Keep 'em coming!


Mom Bloggers, watch out. OC Bloggers may soon be taking over the world! Fun recap, Suzanne - and thanks for instigating Bob's revolution :-)


Great video!Your videos always make me laugh. It was a great night. Marcy did a wonderful job!


Had an awesome time!!! Can't wait for the next one! I don't mind that the name of my blog is spelled wrong... though I'm a bit disappointed that my Lucille Ball dress didn't make the video!

Big Hair Envy

Looks like you guys had a BLAST!!! Perhaps we can convince you to come to VA next year....I promise you will have a good time;)

Steve Averill

Sorry I missed it. Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone!

Mental P Mama

I have some serious OC-Envy....


Looks like it was super-fun! How can you not have fun with Orange Crush? :-)

The Bombshell

How fun! :)

Grant Forest

Looks like fun. I thought bloggers were antisocial. LOL


HAHA FIRL !! I'll be adding that to my NYC lingo to stump the Columbia Graduate students I drive LMAO

Dana Sipper

Great video...it was a fabulous night! Thanks for the ride to our car Suz :-)


I just found you and I joined on Blog crush.. YAY!


Why DON'T I have an OC Blog??????

Audrey at Barking Mad

How fun!

Looks like you guys had a blast!


Ничего такого классного раньше не читал….


Ничего такого классного раньше не читал….


Ничего такого классного раньше не читал….


Ничего такого классного раньше не читал….


Ничего такого классного раньше не читал….

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