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August 10, 2009


Bhavesh Chhatbar

You're so creative! And a perfect mom :)

Brand New Blog on Fresh Quotes: http://infobybvc.blogspot.com/2009/08/brand-new-blog-on-fresh-quotes.html


you will have to teach me your skills. my "marketing" skills need a little bit of a refresher course! i'm not nearly as convincing as you!

xoxo, K


True, that.


They just have to see it before their eyes or just hear it mentioned and it becomes real for them. Sometimes it´s so easy, especially if you are marketing oriented.


Clever .. both the Toon and the marketing ploy!

noe noe girl

Cute toon!


Oh yeah, no doubt about it!


This is so true, sad but true

Gabrielle Valentine

Totally! I find myself lying to the kids to market to them the things they need. No, the chocolate milk is all gone (even though there's a ton in the fridge). All we have is real milk. One of these days they'll catch on though. Don't know what I'll do then!

Audrey at Barking Mad

Where can I sign up for your Marketing course? My skills need some polish.

fancy feet

It SO is about marketing! Loved this.


I need to work on my marketing skills. I will have to try that with apples as opposed to Popsicle.

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