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August 06, 2009


Hippo Brigade

I too love the HB. Except my memories are filled with awkward first dates and a time or two where I've had too much to drink at Fred's Cantina. Good times.


Were I am from we always went to the Shore in the summer and I love going back to Sea Isle and reminiscing about the places we use to go and the thing we use to do. Some of my best childhood memories are from the summer time.

Jen & Bern

I think dog beach is calling your name!

Mental P Mama

Sigh. Just wonderful.

Joe Sweden

Cheap Trick ROCKS!!
I remember Maxwell's.


You make me want to go there. I have spent very little time in HB, but a lot more time in Redondo Beach--my brother in law used to live there.


You make it look so lovingly nostalgic in your photos with hues from the decades long gone.


I love HB! It's my favorite place to hang out. I love that everything is around the pier. If you want burgers they're there, Mexican food & ice cream too...it's great!

Amanda Thiessen

Thanks for becoming a fan Suz!!!! :)

P.S. This picture is awesome!


Great picture! I didn't grow up there of course. I grew up in Orange as I like to tell people all the time. But I spent long summer days in HB. When I was in jr. high and high school I went with our youth group. I still remember the exact spot we used to pick to the right of the pier. We ate at the same fast food place (Taco Bell -- that's no longer there)and yep, I got $5 bucks too. And every time we went, we always did the same thing after lunch (walk through the shops and look at the same danged stuff we saw every week). Those were the days. :)

noe noe girl

Never been there but now I want to go!
Just love hearing about childhood memories.


I grew up in Huntington Beach as well. I miss the old beach city feel. I was sad when the drive in shut down, I remember Maxwells and I cried when they put in the Pier Plaza. Concrete! Concrete?

But I still love it. I love it. I love that picture you posted, the effect is nostalgic and marvelous!


Great photo. I miss old HB. I miss the feeling of the small town we used to have. I know I still go downtown a lot still, but it's not the same.


great memories! i remember meeting some boys in high school from the east coast, and them saying "you live in a resort town!"...i was like WHAT!?!?!
it is fun to tell people the beach was your baby sitter during the summer growing up :)


I'm so glad i found your blog...
off to peruse.


Ahhh. I love my old home too! I find myself missing HB more than the old SF days of our 20's. I love sharing HB with my guys when we go and visit grandma. Although, when the little punks look at me like I am a tourist I want to let them know I really am a local, but then that would make me look like a bigger dork.

Peace Love and Momminess

Lucky gal growing up in HB! Calling it home for 10 yrs myself, I see your infatuation. So laid back and love the easygoing feel. Cheap trick for sure and green tones in photo are great.

Heather Toller, mom of two awesome kids

I love to read your blog! I am also a flip flop wearing, Balboa loving, former HB girl who loves to take pictures and watch Pretty in Pink! (RIP John)

fancy feet

I can FEEL the nostalgia. I am right there with you with much sighing and reflecting. Beautiful.


Great post! I can just taste those strips now!

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