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July 27, 2009



Awww.....what a sweet, heartfelt post to celebrate the love between a mother and her daughter. Happiest of birthdays to your Mom!!!

Kathi D

Oh, what a lovely thing to read today, Suz! You clearly inherited your good genes from your mom.

This is extra special to me because today would have been MY mom's birthday. When I lost her (four years ago now, I can hardly believe it's that long) I lost my #1 cheerleader. She was the only person in the world who thought that pretty much everything I ever did was exceptional. It gives me great pleasure to see you and your mom together today.

I still sometimes get the thought, "I have to call Mom and tell her . . ."


Do you think your mom would consider adopting a 40 year old man? Even if doing so would automatically make her a great grandmother? Run it by her and let me know.

As for her old heartthrob, I could never get past his last name to even consider the music. It's a flaw.

Brain Bunnies

Happy Birthday to your Mom. You two look so cute together.

Mental P Mama

I love her! And now I know where you get your beautiful looks;) Happy Birthday Mom O' Suz!


I love your Mom. I also would have dropped Humperdink for dropping his wife!!
I hope she has a fantastic day, and year to come.

Karen Hampton

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE......Wishing you a very special Birthday for a very special lady! Hope to see you and your cute hubby the next time you are in So Cal. Birthday Hugs and Kisses to you!!
Karen (H.): Suz's friend with the weird brain (just incase you were wondering)


Cheers & best birthday wishes to your Mom! You are very fortunate to have such a loving, patient, and supportive one! Some of us are Daddy's girls (enough said). In fact when we go home to see Daddy, the home still your Mom's soup set passed along during her transition. Do you recall?

Peace Love and Momminess

Happy Birthday, SuzMom. You done good! (don't proof that ;) )


Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Luv the hat!!

Frances Lee

Happy Birthday Suzanne's Mom - You're right to be proud of her! She is very talented.

Jen Broas

Wishing you a wonderful birthday Bonnie! You and your family made me feel instantly welcome, even meeting under the very difficult circumstances. You're a mom, everyone wishes they had.


Happy Birthday Bonnie....who would have dream when we met to decide if we would send our daughters to London some 20 plus years ago, that was just the beginning of adventures we would have through our girls....hope your day is filled with love and wonderful memories...


your mom and I share a birthday. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to your mom! My mom, too, was a huge fan of Engelbert. That song also brings many childhood memories to me (despite the fact that I grew up in another country!) LOL.

And now I know where you got your good looks from! ;D

Noe Noe Girl

The happiest of days!

Elaina Avalos

Sweet post, Suz. Happy Birthday, Suz's Mom! I hope your coming year is filled with beautiful gifts!


Happy Birthday to Bonnie! Just thinking of your mom brings a smile to my face, she is such a gem. Love to you and your family!


Wow, what a great lady. Happy Birthday to your mom!

Carol Evans

Happy Birthday Bonnie! You look fantastic!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. Love, Carol

Gabrielle Valentine

That's SO sweet. I can tell you love your mom and that she's a wonderful woman. I LOVE THE HAT! (That's SO my mom, too.) It is amazing how they keep taking care of us even after we have kids, like you said.

Kim Hartshorn

Happy Birthday Bonnie, I hope you enjoy your special day. Love, Kim


Happy Birthday Bonnie! Thanks for your part in making my best friend the kind of woman she is. I know your impact has been huge. Love to you!


Happy Birthday Suz's Mom! Hope you had a fabulous day :)

Audrey at Barking Mad!

Happy Happy Birthday Suz's Mom! Hope you're having a brilliant day.

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