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June 03, 2009


Mental P Mama

I love it! It should also cheer you that you are just as likely to be wearing shorts in March while we are still shoveling snow here in good ol' CT! Happy Summer vacay to your cherubs!


We've been having June Gloom since the beginning of May. I think California would kick me out for admitting I prefer it. :)

Busy Bee Suz

This is so darn cute. You are and were a crazy girl...and I like that!

Noe Noe Girl

What a shot! I love it! We have one week left of school here and a busy week too!


Gorgeous photo, it really captures the California beach to a tee!


Beautiful shot. I'm with you on loving the beach when it's empty. Nothing quite like it.

jen broas

Fab Photo. There's nothing better than a beach shot....

Live More Now

Wow, great shot! I love it, too. The colors are fabulous. I guess I'm not so familiar with CA weather - I never would have guessed there is "June gloom" in OC!

Seattle, YES. California, no. :)

Enjoy the reprieve!

Hippo Brigade

you photo looks like the photos that used to line my grandfather's hallway walls. The sides of the pictures would be a little yellow under the glass frame and they looked like they haven't been dusted in years. The desaturation of the color harkens nostaliga for me. Thank you!

Joe Sweden

Outstanding! The music is perfect.


two birds hover in cool sky over an empty beach


Grant forest

Oh, yeah! this is great. I wish I were there.

Brain Bunnies

Lovely. Huntington Beach at its best. I feel so grateful each time I see one of your HB photos - I love this place and you capture if perfectly.


Pretty picture. So, California isn't always sunny. Didn't know that. I'd call June gloom "Michigan weather" by the looks of it.


Great photo and I adore that song...glad you posted it. :)


Every place needs contrasts. I just think that if that place is itself when there is a lot of people or when it´s empty. Which is more natural for that one place?


I love Huntington Beach !! Bought our first house here in 1965 for $18,000.00; can you imagine that.


It's a perfect NatGeo shot!!

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