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May 01, 2009



Love the Ducks. Hubbys at the game in Detroit tonight..I'm home with the kids :)

Mental P Mama

This may alienate you--I am not a hockey fan. But I am going to root for the Ducks;)

Grant forest

This picture is awesome! It has a retro feel. Having his helmet off helps it look old school and his long hair.

Busy Bee Suz

Nice pic. Nice playa'.
I will go read your other stuff now.
Happy Friday!!


Teemu is HOT!!!


Teemu looks very iconic in your photo. That would be a very artistic hockey card you are talking about.

Noe Noe Girl

OOOOOO he is hawt!


Well, may the best team win. And by that I mean The Red Wings!

Suz Broughton

MomZombie: You spelled DUCKS wrong!


Selanne is a GOD! Great shot!!!! Stealing it for my MySpace page.


I love me some Teemu Selanne! :)

I can't wait til Thursday...we're going to have so much fun!

GO DUCKS!!! (pst, and thanks for the shoutout!)


I love the retro feel of the photo. I also love your loyalty to your team. In the Philadelphia area everyone loves the Flyers until they mess up and then all bets are off.

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