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May 19, 2009



I'm wondering if this guy actually brings dates back to his place. Very Christmas Story-ish.

Muthering Heights

LOLOLOL, you're SO RIGHT!!! That was the first thing I though of when I saw your photo!!!


Bwa ha ha! I thought the same thing too! That's hilarious... and a little creepy.


Ha! So cool. Though weird. Great shot and post. Love this. Thanks for the visit.


Uhm...to each his own?


I thought the same thing!! LOL~~ Only a single man would proudly display this in his front window!


At least he has art in the house.

Busy Bee Suz

Very funny.
I am guessing he did not get this at IKEA.


I once saw the Christmas Story Leg Lamp in a catalog and wondered who would buy that. Now I know!

Fun shot!

Serendipitous Girl

Hmmm ... fra-gi-le. Must be Italian.


LOL...too funny! Yes, that is totally Christmas Story right there!

noe noe girl

Those pin-up / leg lamp girls are back in style and all the rage!
What a great shot!


That is too funny! It reminds me of a while back when I would go on my daily walk around the neighborhood. One house used to have a cardboard cutout of Martha Stewart in their front window. Not sure which is more disturbing! :)

Mental P Mama

I think we need to introduce ourselves to him and get an invitation in...


This is a tad creepy, sort of like an opening scene on CSI, but in a good way.

fancy feet

Oh, the leg lamp! I love that movie. I can't imagine who decided to put that girl up in their window. Was it on a whim? A dare? Was it a well thought out plan or did someone just lose a bet?

Rebeccah Dean

It totally reminds me of a Christmas Story. Cool picture though.


My uncle is single, and he has a leg. Just a leg, on the balcony ledge overlooking the living room. The rest of his home is very tasteful and spare and all about angles and stuff (he's an architect). But that one bit of pure whimsy is my favorite thing about his decor.

And no, I wouldn't want it, but it works, you know? Sort of like fuschia and blue paint trim on your coastal house.


awesome! i would have been sooo tempted to knock on the door & see who lives inside!


He's probably the same guy who drives THE truck. You know.. tire splash guard pads are decorated with a white shiloutte of a seated naked woman. (or on the truck beds back window.)

Those have always been my fav!

Live More Now

Well, when you're single, there's nothing like a little wishful thinking. There's also nothing quite like "single creepy guy."

Very funny! Love the photo.


This is a great snap!
As for the art, kitschy all right, but I wouldn't mind one for my window too...
Cheers Suzanne, keep that sense of humour coming!


So strange! And yet I totally like it! Does he keep his window open at night? Or is it in shadow then? Great photo :)


LOVE this!!! It would be great if it was plastic and lit up from within.

Well Behaved Krissy

ahhhahahahah.... I think it needs to move a little more to the left... no the other left... wait thats... PER-FECT. Sam-hell you said you won that? Yep... mind power.

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