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May 14, 2009


fancy feet

Hahaha!! That's a lot of trouble to dirty up shoes when you know just being at that game you would have probably stepped on a spilled drink or ketchup or something.
You make me laugh.


Where's the picture of your shoes?! I laughed so hard when you told me that! Priceless!

I had so much fun with all your silliness at that game! And those sliders...still craving them! YUM!


Where's the picture of your shoes?! I laughed so hard when you told me that! Priceless!

I had so much fun with all your silliness at that game! And those sliders...still craving them! YUM!

Julie @ Angry Julie Monday

Dork....I love new shoes. I could have let you wear my old ones until you broke in yours...mine are like 3 years old. Definately time for a new pair. Ohh how I love Converse..You know me and all my products...


This is awesome. I wore shorts to the game. How many people can do that?

The Glamorous Life

I am continually shocked by your honesty.

And next time you feel a need to confess such a jewel to the ENTIRE internet- call me, I will talk you down off the ledge of social destruction.

You are just so awesome sometimes.


That's too funny! Why is there not a picture of these shoes?!

noe noe girl

I want to see a picture of your outfit!


I once spent the better part of an evening power sanding a pair of my daughter's brand-new shoes so they would look really old. This was in effort to get her costume ready for a school play, by the way, but I still felt ridiculous doing this.

Elaina Avalos

And this would be why I think you're awesome. And...I needed the laugh in a bad way.


I have come to an even worse conclusion about myself - regardless of what I do, or do not do, I am a dork. Hilarious confession; such bravery!


This is the greatest story - I was the dork who kepy my shoes clean for as long as possible. Am the dork, that is. And count me in - where's a photo of your outfit and the doctored up shoes?

Well Behaved Krissy

HAHAHA!!! NO YOU DID NOT! I cant believe you did that. I have missed you badly. Hope you're doing well.

Busy Bee Suz

You are too funny. Now you need new makeup!!!
When I was a kid, I loved new shoes. Just wanted them to stay pretty...till I got a new pair. I suppose I am a dork too!!!

Busy Bee Suz

I read all your old confessions...you crack me up. I also do the "Write In" on my to do list then cross it off, even if it was not my original list......it makes me feel accomplished!!

Grant forest

It takes a big person to admit when they do something silly. A big DORKY person!!!

Muthering Heights

LOL, whatever works!!!


hee hee. You're funny.

Joe Sweden

Bummer about your Ducks tonight. They fought the good fight.

Carrie Horton

You exude coolness girl. Where is a photo of these shoes? We need a photo!

Susan M

I love you.

I have two pairs of converse, one black and one brown. And I sooo want this blue pair I saw the other day at the swap meet. (New, not used!)


Too cute. That's so totally something I would have done, too! ;D


Oh that's funny. I must admit I dealt with the same dilemma . . . but I considered it in a "guy" way. I decided not to, but I considered rubbing dirt on them and kicking one foot into the other to make scuff marks. It was difficult to determine which result was dorkier.


I am totally cracking up. Yes, you are a dork, but in the very most endearing way!
I have the same problem with each new pair of Chucks too. I just lace up and go kick around in the backyard a little bit- and what Scott said, I step on em and stuff. I am so cracking up about the fact that you put makeup on yours. Always such a lady- even your Converse are ladylike!

Love the confession, and love you!


I saw this video today, Suz and immediately thought of you!!! http://ginghamskies.blogspot.com/2009/05/this-ones-for-suz.html

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