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May 28, 2009



Who keep jeans in the back? Come on... I didn't wear jeans for a while until my wife showed me what I should buy. Now that's all I wear. My mom always bought me uncomfortable jeans and now jeans are totally complicated, like you said.

Susan M

Haha. Was he coming on to you? I'm so oblivious about that stuff, I totally didn't catch it.


Now that's funny. I'd be wary of jeans kept "in the back"....Silly us old ladies wanting to keep our belly button's covered!

About ten years ago, while preggo with my youngest, I was in search of some maternity jeans, and discovered that they were selling...scary thought...hip hugger maternity jeans. Seriously. Hip huggers make even the skinny look fat, but who wants to look at a pregnant momma in hip huggers?

Mental P Mama

I am coming to LA for my next jeans.

fancy feet

Because I'm into a good pair of jeans I probably would have waited to see what he brought out from the back. Finding the perfect pair is exhausting, but when you find them...well, there is nothing like it. And I would be so curious to see why exactly those jeans are in the back. But, that's just me.

Back to you. I'll bet he thought you were cuuute!! 'Cause you are.

Busy Bee Suz

This is too funny. Trying on jeans is right up there with trying on bathing suits...it gets to be NO fun after 20yrs old!!!!
I also have issues with telling the ages on men anymore...so weird. I am glad you did not take his offerings from the "back"....scary.


I hate trying jeans on, I swear I once tried on every style of jean in a store an not one "fit". Now I wish someone had some in the back I could have tried :-)

Well Behaved Krissy

Co-ed jean trying on... booooooo....

Hilarious about the jeans in the back comment though. Did he write his phone number on a receipt for ya?


I would have gone for the jeans in the back...I'm just saying...they may have fit really well!!


I'm still looking for the perfect pair of jeans. Now I know where they are kept. They are kept secretely in the back room waiting for someone who can pull them off.

Too funny though. I think he wanted to give you his phone number, LOL. I wonder if he knows he is famous now! Hee hee. Great post!

Carrie Horton

Who is this little man trying to peek at you and your rear ends? You know these young little boys love mature ladies, this little boy was clearly looking for a smooch in the back from you. Don't laugh because he was hoping you would follow him to, what was that? Oh ya, look at some jeans. Ya right! Too fun!


LOL without sounding like this should be TMI but I'd be more concerned about keeping my tummy rolls covered, although I have to wonder what the jeans out the back looked like?


Wow. How awkward.

But I somehow have a hard time believing that you don't already own some awesome jeans that you already look hot in!

But then again, I'm not 22.


From looking at your picture, I would picture you as maybe late 20's. I'm taking it that this is incorrect. Just so you know...your husband is a lucky guy! Go home and get all cougar like on HIM! LOL

Live More Now

I came back and reread this post, and laughed AGAIN, and then just forgot what I was going to say when I read the comment right above mine. He he he. Don't you love blogging?


OMG. I am laughing out loud! And also? I need new jeans. I shrank myself outta my "fat" jeans, then "grew" right back into 'em. I can skate thru summer in capris, but I really am gonna need some new denim before the leaves turn in Maryland.

I wanna come to OC!!


ha! so did you try them on?

this just reminded me of something I'm so not looking forward to... jean shopping. after 9 months all my jeans seem out of style. but i'm just ready for that yet.

xoxo, K


.... only in Orange County!

Cactus Petunia

That last paragraph cracked me up!

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