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April 27, 2009



What a wonderful post for today...I am a dreamer as well.

Mental P Mama

Dreaming right along with you....

Amy Jo

How wonderful that you got to have these photos with your friend! Nice idea for the shot as well!

Busy Bee Suz

Love the pictures Suz...keep on dreaming!!!


it is a small small world. somebody said that once i think. hee hee.


So cute! And I love Disneyland, too. and Blondie!


cool photos! I've never been to disneyland! I am digging your song btw :-)

Noe Noe Girl

Awesome pictures! I love dreaming and making them come true!

The Predo

You always give the best pictures, accompanied by the best music! Yummy!


Dreamy! Thanks for the inspiration.


I love it! Disneyland sound like such a good time. I am already planning a trip with the boys in 2 years. I love the pictures, they are great!


Ahhhh to dream....some times I dream more than being in the 'real world'...and I love it that way :)
Great shots!

The Glamorous Life

Next time we are going to dress up like the princesses we ARE and lay down royally.

Ya know. The Queens of Dreams.

Love doing stuff with you.
Especially? Dreaming.


Love the pictures!! Dream Dream away!!


thankyou for dropping onto my blog, I think I really am living my dream.
I have never visited Disneyland in America, but have been to the one in Paris with two of my grandchildren -- it was great fun, perhaps one day I'll pluck up the courage to fly and visit the real thing!

Hippo Brigade

awh man! Our passes just expired, and I was just getting to a good place with Disneyland. A place where I didn't if we stayed away from Disneyland for a couple of years. But now you have to be all, 'disneyland is wonderful' and now all I want to do is go there and eat a huge ice cream cone while wearing an idiotic and obnixious hat.


This is why I love you, Disneyland, The Ducks and Blondie. Awesome!


Love it Suzanne! I will have to drag my boys kicking and screaming to Disneyland soon, I miss it so much!


Great photos - dreams are important.


The two of you always seem to be having so much fun.


Nice pics Suz! I gotta visit Disneyland someday. I've only been to Walt Disney World a gazillion times...


Hey I recognize those dreamers! What fun we had, but the conga line without a cocktail.... what was I thinking?!?!?!? Send me a pic, thanks doll.
See you again soon, Cheers~


Nice post!! I have so many dreams and this kind of reinforces them. I like your site and will definitely return!

Peace Love and Momminess

Sweet shots. So glad our paths crossed and I got to meet such a groovy dreamy gal like you!


Keep on dreaming in the dreamland.

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