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April 23, 2009



I love that photo - I am digging it! you sound like me, I take my camera everywhere and my dh is pretty used to stopping randomly too :-)

Elaina Avalos

Isn't it great to have people in our lives that get us?

Thanks, Suz for sharing Hope with us!


Great inspiration! Love it.


Awesome pic! Love it!


I am really loving your pics lately.

Mental P Mama

Goose Bump City. Just beautiful;)


I LOVE this picture....you are awesome and yes, your family ROCKS!!!

noe noe girl

Sounds like something I would do and sounds like my family!
Great shot and it is true....Hope is a road!

The Glamorous Life

Larry is who I had in mind when I designed my t-shirt

"I support my wife's blogging habit"

My husband can so relate to this.

Joe Sweden


Bhavesh Chhatbar

This is so unique!

Earth Day

Grant forest

Fucking amazing!

Susan M


Hope is also a town in British Columbia where Rambo was filmed. No lie.


Oh I love this!! How serendipitous to come across that town AND the open road. Lovely...


Great photo! It reminds me of this awesome comic because I can totally relate. http://xkcd.com/77/


Ahhhh, pure loveliness. The post, the photo and the lovely feeling I got with your blog today. Pretty much how I feel every time I come by for a "visit."

Happy Thursday!

Big Hair Envy

I'm feelin' ya sistah!!!

A good family, and hope. What more could a girl want???


Oh, lovely~
Thanks for sharing :)


Love that you realize you are very blessed with such a great partner and two kiddos that "get" their mother....


So I'm literally wiping tears right now.

Beautiful as always, just as YOU are.

Hope is a wonderful thing, a great feeling...

It's also found in Bobby Effin Ryan (sorry, I just had to throw that one in there).

The Predo

It's perfect!!!!


I absolutely love it and need it! That is hope and the photo!
I would love to frame it!


It´s quite perfect joint effort from everybody! Everything is in place. I know the feeling when the backseat rebels against the next picture that must be taken.


Hello to you from France! I love your 'road of Hope', it is the path along which all of us travel,daily! Each new road leads to somewhere exciting, you just need to find that something which will make your day better. Life is a ball!

Pearl Maple

Wonderful photo, you do know how to find the best views.

Beautiful choice of words, hope is a special thing that we all need to find in different ways.

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