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April 17, 2009



90 dollars for a hoodie that will help me follow my dreams- I think I'll pass. Ha ha- love the second picture. Can't wait to see pictures from the dude ranch and a post of course. I bet you are going to have some beautiful shots. Have fun!!

Mental P Mama

I was annoyed with all the crap on the window. Forget the hoodie....gah. I am old.


You hit this nail on the head Suz. They are doing just what they are trying NOT to do...makes no sense.

That sign must have cost them too...wow...so many letters...words....I forgot what I was reading to begin with. :)

Joe Sweden

The generation now will never know the joys of The Clash and eating mac and cheese everyday for a month so you can buy film or paint of whatever. Their parents buy them everything. It's true. Good post.

Elaina Avalos

This kinda reminds me of a Don Henley song from his Inside Job CD. The song is "Damn It, Rose" and here's the section that reminds me of your post. He's watching a singer on MTV who is making "pretensions to anarchy and art," like he used to do at one time, he sings:

"He speaks the language of a warrior
He mounts his misinformed attack
He wears the clothes of a dissenter
But there's a logo on his back
And its a hollow rebellion
As rebellions mostly are
It's just another raging tempest in a jar"

Okay, maybe I'm totally off. I am feeling rather pukey today. But it's the "he wears the clothes of a dissenter/but there's a logo on his back," that has always stood out to me in this song. There's something to this idea of immature rebellion or the dissenter who ultimately becomes what he's critical of. Like the guy who called me a "Fascist" because of a bumper sticker on my old car. This was in DC. He called me a Fascist and I promptly responded, "So are you for saying that!" Who better to quell the voice of a dissenter than a Fascist? And since my opinion was very much in the minority at that moment...well, I'll stop there.

I held my tongue this weekend however when I saw a very young woman that I encountered with a Karl Marx pin on her bag. Her expensive, very cute, fashionable bag that went with her super cute clothing and shoes. And her new car. Hmm...Marx? Really? Because you kinda just shot your Marxism right out the door with that new car, Honey. Unless of course she shares it with those with no car in South Central or something. Then hey, never mind. My bad.

Oh shoot, somebody please tell me to stop because now I'm fired up.


In college we used to see kids with Che Guevera and Malcom X posters in their rooms and I always wondered if they truly grasped what those people really stood for. This was in the 90s, no big civil rights movements happening, no truly revolutionary actions taking place. Fighting against "the man" at a state university just seemed like shooting yourself in the foot. You wouldn't be there without "the man" helping to fund that school and keep your tuition down. I didn't ever want to squelch the need to expand one's thinking, I just always had that question in the back of my mind....do they know what they are even supporting?

As for $90 anythings, well, you won't be seeing me buy anything that expensive. Hello, we are in a recession! This is the time to reign in reckless spending, not encourage it. Oh, unless like you say, they have student loans for their fancy advertising/marketing/pr degrees to pay off.

Grant Forest

There's more to this idea, keep digging.


No one younger than 30 will ever read that sign.

"Studied casual" is the phrase that comes to mind. It's aimed not at the artists who really ARE eating mac and cheese and never turn the heat on and couldn't buy a $5.00 sweatshirt, but at the poseurs who wish to identify with The Road Not Taken. It's really, really fine not to take the starving artist road, but don't tell me you're living that dream, dude.

Great find, Suz.

Vincent G. Periolat


Well done, or is it 'Done well'? I didn't get along w/ many of my English teachers either... Or is it 'also' didn't get along w/ them... Dang, English stinks!! :D Great perspective from a fellow 'Gen Xer'!! Vin.


Well, our president used a similar "resolutionary" marketing strategy with a corresponding high price tag. If it worked for him, why not a clothing company. . . . and cool, you got to listen to The Clash really loud.


"They got burton suits, ha you think its funny
Turning rebellion into money" -The Clash


I don't think I've ever encountered anything quite like that clothing company. And from reading the comments, you hit a nerve. It made me irritated to. I wanted it to hurry up and get to the point.


Just playing devil's advocate here... What if they had their clothes made in the USA by people making a living wage instead of a 10 year old in a sweat shop in some third world country? Then the sweatshirt might have actually cost that much to make, with their marketing and rent. Everybody is so used to buying dirt cheap clothes made by people that can barely scratch out an existence, that when encountered with higher prices due to fair trade labor they think the price is over the top. I am curious if that is the case with this store. It may very well not be, but perhaps they talk the talk AND walk the walk.


Fantastic post Suz!!! West and I were having the a conversation that is on par with that of your clothing shop story, except about food. Like how out of touch we are in regards to where food comes from, how it is made, and if the next step is to have it chewed and digested for us....I like where you went with this, and wonder what the great one, Joe Strummer would think of our world today.


Suz, very very well said. It is my belief that anything worth doing takes some sacrifice and pain. The kids today are being sold a load of crap if they believe that you just paint something, or make something or write something and that is enough. They have to live the life of an artist or young person or student or whatever in order to really feel the reward. If mommy or daddy buy you a $90 and you're eating out every night and what not, it won't be the same.
GREAT POST! I agree with one of the comments that I think there is more here for you to write about, maybe for the Register.
Now, Let's Go Ducks!!!


Seems like everything these days is being marketed as a lifestyle movement... somehow that makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than just buying a hoodie so then it's ok to spend the $90 on something. I think that type of marketing is hear to stay. With all of the media and imagery that dominates marketing and just our lives in general now, it's easy to get caught up in it all. That's why we all blog, and FB and twitter..etc. Sure does make it interesting to teach our kids how to think critically and not get persuaded by all that is constantly coming at them. Have fun on your trip!


Um...yeah...won't be shopping there anytime soon!


Oh, those "manufactured lifestyle" shops are all over the mall, where the unoriginal go to outfit themselves with the gear and accessories so they can march in line with all the other clones. True originality and style comes from lack and desire and passion. It does not come from a credit card with mom and dad's name on it.


I got such a laugh (as always) out of your post today.

A few years ago, I was walking down the street in one of my old haunts, where all of us cool folk used to hang out in the 80s, and now it is all about the marketing...instead of second hand shops selling cheap trendy clothes, you have "vintage clothing shops" that charge 300% of the average clothing store, and advertising a lifestyle.

Funnier still was the pseudo-cool kids all hanging out in this neighborhood in their overpriced packaged outfits, convinced they are somehow cooler and more counter-culture original than everyone else. As an artistic creative type, I know you'll never survive "following your passion" by buying $90 hoodies for long...it used to be that the St. Vinnes store was where those of us following our passion used to shop for everything from clothes to furniture.

Noe Noe Girl

Wonder where the rich kids will shop?

Jenny Angelici

Holy smokes. This is a resolutionary rip-off. What a joke - but I'm not laughing.

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