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April 11, 2009


Elaina Avalos

Love the song, Suz. I hadn't heard this version before though. Happy Easter!

Mental P Mama

Totally. Happy Easter to all.

Noe Noe Girl

Love it!
Happy Easter!


Smoke from the chimney is really cool and the way the house leans to the right.


Happy Easter to you too!


Cool picture, is that a sticker on the right?


Happy Easter! I love the art work, I totally could see it on Etsy.

Jenny Angelici

Emily's artwork makes me feel hoppy...I mean happy!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


Hope you had a very happy Easter!! Love the drawing- Could totally be on Etsy!!

Pete Wilson

I really like the way the picture tells a story.

The Bunnies are getting ready to go on a trip. The daddy bunny is getting the two-tone pink and orange air-stream camper in the backyard ready to go. He is flushing out the plumbing system using a long white hose. I'm not sure what the big brown thing the hose is going into is, but I just focus on the story of the bunnies getting ready for their road trip. Maybe, they are going to visit relatives, for Easter, or maybe, to the snow. (Or maybe not.)


That is totally framable. Love the color usage.

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