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April 21, 2009



I remember when I was a horse rider and had fancy cowgirl boots! I love that cross-processing, I've used it for the new header I'm putting up tonight.
I got my new camera, a Nikon D300, and feel like I've entered a whole new universe regarding photography. I'm slowly working my way through the user's manual. We'll see what happens...

noe noe girl

Love those boots and your capture!

Mental P Mama

This may be my favorite shot ever.


Makes a girl want to go out and buy herself some new boots!

fancy feet

Great post! If ever I go to a ranch I will be sure to follow your list. It's the perfect list for someone like me.
Nice...throwing in Jason Mraz like that.


Awesome, awesome shot! I love the colors!


Excellent family portrait. Colour range is very enjoyable.


I laughed about the cactus part, we did the same thing in Arizona, stopping in front of people's houses to stare at and photograph cactuses, er, cacti? The dude ranch sounds like a wonderful experience. Your suggestions are right on. I'm an outdoorsy girl but I am afraid of horses. I've gone riding a few times but I'm a nervous wreck the whole time. The 'stink eye' thing is hard to shake!


What a fabulous shot!


This is my absolute favorite photo. I think you need to have a show for your photos somewhere. They are that fabulous!!

Muthering Heights

What a GORGEOUS photo!!!

Big Hair Envy

Jason Mraz attended high school less than two miles from my office. True story! He's quite the local celebrity. The high school choir sang back up for one of his songs on his last CD:)


Omigawd....... I saw the title and misread it as RUDE DANCING.



My friend used to say that cowboy boots hit a little to close to home with our redneck upbringing -- they are useful tools but nothing we want to identify with. But you make them look appealing, I must admit.

I'll go read now!

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