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March 16, 2009



Good on Suzie for standing up for herself and the rights of others! Sounds like she's doing well for herself, I love scented candles!

Bhavesh Chhatbar

The last paragraph was too funny :)


Mental P Mama

I love this! And I love Suzie Carter!


Such great stories and memories....I bet the Real Houswives would be shocked at your history Missy!!! :)
going to check out the goodies.

Joe Sweden

Thanks for the male injection at the end! That was close. I almost had to click on the shopping sites and then the Jager reference brought me back to reality.
Great story. Have slight crush on Suzie.


Oh that is so exciting! Good for Suzie, er..Carter. She always cracked me up, and I can't wait to go shopping...sorry gotta go!


I think I have a crush on Suzie. And Annie. those are my type of girls.


She sounds like a pistol! I think the only truly famous person I had any kind of connection to is Cheryl Ladd, aka Cheryl Stoppelmoor. I didn't know her in high school, but she was definitely traveling on a different plane from the rest of us. There have been other people, roommates and the like who have gone on to greatness in their fields but she's the only one with celebrity.

Serendipitous Girl

Oh yay! I love hearing stories of successful women following their passions. And 25% off?! SSG loves herself some discounts!

Carter Bolick

I love these comments and how you made me sound so interesting. Ok, and who is Joe and why just the slight crush, go the whole hog Joe.

But this is very important if anyone tried the promo code and it did not work, simply type in


Thanks for mentioning me on your blog Suzanne. So fun to read and damn you write brilliantly.


Shopping? Did you say shopping? Hmmmmmm..


She has some beautiful stuff and thanks for sharing her story. Glad to hear she followed her dreams, it's alway inspiring to hear that. :)


Such pretty stuff. I always tell everyone, Suz is someone who's good to know, and here you are, proving it yet again, with your discount code and whatnot!

Kelly George

Wow, I am going to check out the site RIGHT NOW! Thanks for sharing. I will not mention the Coach bag "issue" but I am sure with your many contacts that you know someone at Coach who might be able to hook you up so that you can actually own one and not just admire them :) Just a thought :)


Need more money....NOW! That stuff is soooooo cute!

fancy feet

That is fantastic!! I love hearing stories of talented people who really get a chance to shine and make money!


Oh my gosh!!! I have been looking for placemats and napkins to no avail... I almost cried when I saw the simple/modern/classic style on the India Rose site. And 25% off... I might even be able to afford these with our debt free lifesyle.
Will the 25% off expire? I'll have to save my allowance for a couple of weeks before I can get some. You read that right, allowance. We are crazy. We only buy stuff we have cash for... just imagine if more people were like that... mmmmmm 3.5 trillion bailout... I think not!!!


I dream of bedding that serene. A complete and total lack of pet hair and stuffed animals. Sigh.

Thanks, Suz! And thanks for the generosity, Miss Carter.


Oh, that bag is soooo cute! Nice pick. And that candle looks like it probably smells lovely. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE nice candles. My latest thing are the scented oils. Love them, and they heat up so fast! I throw open my windows and the smell goes through the whole house! Lemon Basil is my current favorite!


I'm always scared to walk into Anthropologie because I want to buy up the whole store.

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