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February 23, 2009


Brain Bunnies

The photo collage is beautiful. I'm with you - I love visiting places during the off season, when you can really see things.


Very nice :-)

Mental P Mama

You should have called...I could be your assistant;)

Elaina Avalos

Pretty pictures. I'm jealous. Sounds like a lovely stay!

Jen Broas

Love the photos! Love Solvang! Hope you guys had a great time. How do you make those collages and post them? I'd love to do a few on my blog. :)

The Glamorous Life

Looks lovely. I wish I could have spent my anniversary weekend THERE. hey do you think maybe next year you could give a hint The Husband for me?


Grant Forest

Dave matthews is friggin brilliant! Love that live version. Very cool.

Ann Again

Wonderful photos and fantastic song.


Those pictures are just delightful. you have a great way of capturing the feel of a place. It sounds like a nice work/play weekend.
Did I ever tell you I am obsessed w/ Dave Matthews? No. Well, I am.
One of his best songs ever....ahhhh Dave.....

fancy feet

Good, good song...I love Dave Matthews.
This looks like a lovely place...and wine tasting?...how perfect.


Beautiful pictures!

Julie @ Angry Julie Monday


I love Solvang. We used to go there all the time when I was a kid. It brings back soo many memories. I always came home with a special Christmas ornament from there. I still have them on my tree today.

Big Hair Envy

Good wine and good music, with a beautiful backdrop? Priceless:)


How Gorgeous. I have not been to solvang in forever!

Keli Horton

Have to say.. not a big fan of Solvang. Had to go there all the time as a kid. It reminds be of Lawrence Welk somehow and I don't like him either. Love the pictures though. I'm sure that little gem of a hotel has made Solvang a better place.. In my eyes anyway.


Nice collage for what seems a wonderful place, Suzanne.

Candid Carrie

My oldest son had tickets for this concert. They were in the very top row, I think he was about seventeen and he went with a friend. They got there early and just watched the crowd fill in. A group of rowdies about ten rows in front of them started throwing skittles as far and as hard as they could and he said you could see people getting binged on the head. After about fifteen minutes Security came up and walked directly past the Skittlers and came up to my son and his friend. They said, I'd like you two to come with us," and my son said, "we weren't doing anything." To which Security said, "Exactly." Well, long story short my son and his friend were escorted to the front row center seats and got to watch the concert from that spot. Which proved my point that good people do sometimes get rewarded for their behavior. Sorry, I got on a tangent their from your song choice.

Nice post, beautiful pictures!

Cactus Petunia

Nice shots! If you ever need a photo stylist, just let me know...I'm pretty you'd be fun to work with!


oh! I've been wanting to go to Solvang! How do you like it there, as a town?


Love the pictures and love the song!! I danced to this song at my wedding and it's unofficially our song. What did we do before satellite radio?

Maria Hammon


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I love Solvang. We used to go there all the time when I was a kid. It brings back soo many memories. I always came home with a special Christmas ornament from there. I still have them on my tree today.


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Mic@ collage frame

Those are fantastic photos. The place looks lovely. This is my first visit here and so far, I'm loving it. :) 'definitely be back to check more of your posts here. Oh by the way, I love Dave Matthews band as well, great music. ~Mic


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