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February 07, 2009



This is so cute. I love the fact that your "it's a small world" starts outside. Ours, here at Disney World is all inside. I bet after 6 times...the song is STILL stuck in your head. :) men. they are so predictable. aren't they?
I think we have the same glasses. Not the sunglasses..the home glasses. too cute.

The Glamorous Life

Great post. Great video. But I think your readers would have liked to see a little more of me. Just sayin.

But seriously. It is posts like these that make me wanna quit blogging.

What is the point?

You do it perfectly.



It was fun and I watched it all the way, which doesn´t happen so often in fastpaced browsing. What was so fun with those little hula girls anyway?


I actually got to go on it myself tonight! It was beautiful and very vibrant. I love the changes, I love the Disney themed additions and I loved the All American scene!

Too fun. But yea, 1 time was enough for me! :)

Hope you're feeling better!

Grant forest

You ALMOST made me interested in "it's a small world."
That's a compliment. Nice with Devo at the end. Didn't expect that.

Brain Bunnies

Wow, six times...I only made it four times. After seeing your video, I think I need to go buy a grass skirt. You're video did the ride justice - fantastic!

Mental P Mama

My favorite ride;)


I can't help but love this ride. Don't tell anyone. The video was good. Never thought I see the day Mickey and Minnie danced the ELO. I'm going next weekend to check it out.
Ducks won yesterday! Jiggy rocked in goal. Go Ducks!

Peace Love and Momminess

D-E-V-O and Small World --that rocks. Great cut, as usual. Guys and hula girls, can they ever focus? :) Debbie

Andrea Charroin

Grat song at the end. I walked down the asile to that one.
The Can-can girls have always been my favorite too, just so happy they are still there.
I can't wait to go to Disney, but for some reason getting my boys to go is like taking them clothes shopping.


Darn! I'm feeling like I missed out - I just wrote this ride in December ... and now I want to go back! Makes me feel like a kid again. Siiiiggggghhhhhh.


We are going tonight for our weekly jaunt to the happiest place on earth. If the line isn't too long we hope to check it out!
I'm so glad you commented, I just added a place in my sidebar for blogs I visit, so it was a reminder to add you!


Small World is probably my favorite ride at Disneyland. But six times? SIX times? In a row? I think I'd go crazy. Loved this video - if they were all like this, I'd watch them more. Thanks!


How fun that you got to try it out!


Cute! LOVED the music-
My favorite are the Hula Girls...hmmm, what does that say about me?
Perhaps I am just a little envious of how well they can move their hips...


As a child I went to this Disney, never to the one in Florida. The one ride I remember is Small World. I even had a bracelet souvenir that I wore for years. I always wanted to go back and see that ride again. Thanks for the "free" trip.


Wow. The outside of it looks way more impressive than the one in Florida! Either way...I dunno if I could take 6 trips on this ride. Sure...it's cute and all, but once or twice is enough for me! Gimme a revamped Peter Pan ride any day!


Are you still singing the song in your head? So funny that all the men said they like the Hula Girls, my husband would have jumped on that bnad wagon too.


My daughter + I dropped by on Tuesday just to go on small world. It's my favorite attraction, right after Pirates. =)

Love the "Hollywood" entrance at the finale!

And the song never, never gets stuck in our heads -- even after going on it 3x a week!
What does is Yo Ho Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)! Great, now I'm singing it.

Love all your blog posts -- but it's always fun to read about your visits to the Park!


Wow, wow, wow....I love, love, LOVE your video! And I totally LOVED the new ride! Yay! Thanks for sharing this video! :D

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