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February 06, 2009


Guy D

Thats a perfect skywatch shot, thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures


A beautiful Sky above a nice house of character, quaint charm, no ?


Puffy white clouds and the shadows of branches frame the house beautifully.


Very nice! I really like the lighting and shadows on the house with that sky above it.

luna miranda

nice shot..great light & shadows, too!


The light is so luminous and your choice of song gets top marks too. I haven't heard that in a ages.


Is it easy to visit when in LA? Looks beautiful! Very cool pics. I might have missed if you talked about this before. Do you edit your photos much or are these straight out of the camera? Very cool contrast on the house.

Mental P Mama



Oh, I'll have to take the fam there sometime!

Besutiful shots!

We had a blast at D-Land...wasn't the ride adorable?

Have a great weekend...loving the rain!


Your first image is picture perfect, the lighting and framing wonderful!
The next image feels nostalgic to me, I think it is the colors and the light.


I could not see the inside picture (must be for special people only)
but the first shot is lovley.
Sounds like a nice place to visit....can you fly the 'copter?
now, that would be fun!!!


Lovely. I DO know how to spell sum wurds.

Pearl Maple

Beautiful photos, you do have an eye for colour and good form.

Thanks for making Sky Watch Friday a brighter place and your kind comments on my blog.


Such a nice frog perspective to the Nixon house. The shadows embrace the scene in a cozy way.


Divine. That's a beautiful shot place!


Divine. It's a beautiful place!

Fishing Guy

Suzanne: A beautiful capture of the house and sky. Thanks for all the information.


Great shots. What's on the windowsill?


Can't figure out what that sign is on the window sill, but I WANT IT. : )

You've been getting some great skies down in the southlands lately, haven't you? Beautiful shot, Suz.

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