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February 21, 2009


fancy feet

I loved this especially about how going to the dentist is not me time.

Great, as always!


You guys are much cuter, funnier and REAL. I do watch that show, but only to make myself feel better about my wonderful life!!!
have a great weekend, suz

Mental P Mama

Ya'll are so much cuter. I cannot stand those housewives. Especially the NYC ones. They scare me.


I"m sorry but I couldn't live like that, I'd rather be like you guys...


I think nobody wants to see an exaggerated version of herself. I wouldn´t want to see a series about computer geeks bitching about others choice of software etc. Luckily there is no such thing in TV and there will never be.


So what kind of shoes you are actually wearing? Not high heels I suppose.


I think I really like the real Real Housewives.

Julie @ Angry Julie Monday

OMG too funny! I agree with every one of those statements!

xoxo, K

loved this! maybe i'll email this off to bravo & they can hit YOU guys up for a show! have a great trip!


I loved this one! And by the way, you all are far more beautiful then those actresses will ever be! HOT!!!!!!


How come you all don't stick your chests out? All the OC housewives don't do that? TV has ruined me.

You girls (who are real) look lovely and fun (and smokin' hot!)


Love this post- by the way you all are much hotter!!

Big Hair Envy

Ok, I'll admit it right now, I DO watch "The Housewives"....they actually make me feel more normal!!!! All of that drama is EXHAUSTING!!!

Suz, I thought it was really cool when I "met" an actual OC Housewife through Blogger. Those big boobed, botoxed actresses need to visit you and your cute girlfriends for a reality check. Maybe you could take them rollerskating?? Heehee!!

As always, thanks for keepin' it REAL:)

Baby Favorite

I like you WAY better.


Hands down, you all are WAY more gorgeous!!!!

Curt McCormick

I can see why you're not expecially fond of that show, it exaggerates life in the OC. Being from rural Pennsylvania, I feel the very same way about the Beverly Hillbillies.


You lovely ladies are far more real than the other "real" gals. I watch the show because I like watching the train wreck. I cringe however when I think of it being exported around the world. Like we need more of that image out there.


Very funny post! I like your idea of what us "real housewives" are like, although I would like someone to do my laundry, that would definitly be in my contract.

Twenty Four At Heart

Hope you have a good trip. I've written posts about this too. Unfortunately, I live right in the thick of the (TV) real housewives. Still, I watch them with abject horror.

Elaina Avalos

You know what I've always wondered about the "real" housewives of Orange County though . . . how do they stand upright? I mean, with all that silicone injected into their chests, it seems as though they might be so top heavy they can't stand straight up. Weebles wobble...

Hippo Brigade

I totally agree. Especially about the spectrum/ fashion island toss up. But Spectrum mostly always wins because of its inclusion of Target.

Maria Hammon

I loved this post! Too funny! And yes, the real life HW are way better looking than those TV fake ones, LOL


That is hilarious - I love the chucking the ribbon receipt out the window. :) Very cute picture, by the way. I've only seen that OC Housewives show (twice) with my sister - and I could hardly stomach it! It's like watching a train wreck - some of the kids on that show are so MEAN it is unbelievable!!


You guys are WAY hotter than those "women" on TV, way hotter.

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