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February 19, 2009



oh yeah skateboarding...cool. My 13 year old and my 8 year old sons both have their own skateboards. Love that song btw

The Glamorous Life

On our fist visit Tucker was too young too. (I think you have to be 7 right? or is it six?) well, being the SUPER parents we are...we totally LIED. And he went in with his 'big' bro. And were any of us surprised when he totally 'shredded'? Nope. Although I was surprised when he made 'friends' with some 'interesting characters' in the half pipe. And all I could do is watch from the balcony rethinking my decision to let my BABY go skate with these street urchins (I kid. I love me some skaters)....especially the teen aged one that came over that day and said "hey lady, your little dude totally rocks the pipe. Good Job"...like he thought I TAUGHT him how to skate. Awesome.

Next time we go-I am gonna pick up Ben so he can keep me company watching....and I almost promise I won't lie for him and get him in. almost.

Mental P Mama

That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Bless his little patient heart♥

Serendipitous Girl

How CUTE is he?!

My mom used to teach with Tony Hawk's mom. We still get her Christmas letter and um ... it's hard not to feel like my year pales in comparison : )

And P.S. I STILL want a pair of black and white checkerboard Vans.

Julie @ Angry Julie Monday

That's awesome. My son wants a skateboard soo bad. I think we are going to get him one for his 4th birthday in May. At the Volcom skateboard park in Costa Mesa, there are some people that actually give skateboard lessons. It's pretty cool.

I might have to take my son to Van's. He will really enjoy it.


So sweet...he wants to be a skater boy. Love the pictures and the music...I forgot where I was for a few minutes there. And when I was done w/ the music my hair was myteriously BIG again.


Wonderful B&W picture, Suz ! I can almost feel his frustrating deception, ....in his body attitude, and the shade enhances that impression.
Little 4 years old will become tall enough .... one day. We all passed this stage, no ?

Joe Sweden

I think I HAD that mixed tape! CHeap Trick, Boston, Queen, Styx! Yes, I had that mixed tape. Cool shot of your son.

Curt McCormick

Suz that skatepark is so cool, and your son is awesome. Our sons would love that place!


van's slip-ons!!!! i had an assortment of them over the years...custom, of course :D i remember the checkerboard tops most of all tho.

Elaina Avalos

Cute story. I hurt a little for him too! But I'm sure he'll be back when he's big enough. :)

Love, love, love the mixed tape!

Susan M

Awesome mix tape! AND awesome pics.

Brain Bunnies

Watch out, before you know it you'll have a skateboard ramp in your driveway. Hey, don't forget us moms aren't too young to skate. The Skateboard moms group is always meeting over at Vans. I, myself haven't had the guts to join them. Someday!


Patience in a four year old, thats one impressive boy....Love the mix tape!


HE is the cutest thing! I LOVE your pictures!


I wanted a pair of those Vans so bad back then! I'm definitely going to take my son to that Skate Park after we move, he will have a blast. Love the pics.

Grant forest

That mixed tape rocks! Very nice work. Nice shot of your son looking down into the park. That one skater almost mirrors him. Like he's the older version of your son in the future. I like the b&w too. Makes it all the more moody. But mostly I want to say CHEAP TRICK ROCKS!

fancy feet

My husband would love this. He was an avid skateboarder back in the day. How cute is your Ben!!


I was an ELO fan back in the day. Ahhh, Strange magic! Thanks for the tape!


Aw what a cutie! I can't wait to have a little skater of my own one day. :)


Cool pictures and oddly enough, I recently blogged about "More Than A Feeling" also. Thats really cool!


Baby Favorite

You reminded me of something that happened 7 years ago in regards to my son and the Vans skate park. I have since blogged about it!

Baby Favorite

And OMG, I just read about your Hawaiian print slip-ons! I had those, too--in 1981--7th grade!


Oh Suz bring him over here to hang with us we have ramps and Jyles would love to help your little man.

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