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February 25, 2009


Grant Forest

So-So looks about as happy as I was the day I married my first wife.

Elaina Avalos

Now I'm depressed. Even So-So is getting married (even if wifey does sleep in a hamper all day) Well, congrats to the lucky couple just the same. :)

And by the way, Suz, you've got a smart girl there!


There's some logic in that marriage. So-So is going to get married to Lou-Lou. What's more natural ?She sleeps all day ? So what ! : )

Keli Horton

Hopefully Lou-Lou isn't suffering from depression..I get depressed when faced with a "overflowing hamper".


yes poor old So So doesn't look so happy. maybe he's trying to imagine his wedding night...


I'm kinda interested to know if So So has a last name.
The honeymoon destination? I'm guessing it wont be any Disney Theme parks!

Jen Broas

These comments are priceless... So-so's expression hasn't changed much from getting laid off at Disneyland to getting married. I'm glad I was a bit more enthusiastic on my wedding day. I hope you follow up with this story!


My goodness...they just come up with the cutest things. Where I wonder?????
Where will the honeymoon be???


Sounds like another winning pair made by Match.com.

fancy feet

I just read that first comment and that did me in - as in laughing.

I am loving the tales of So-So. And that picture...are you kidding me?? I love that picture and of course he's getting married to Lou Lou. That makes perfect sense.

Today I nearly closed the door on Ben's True. It was a close call.


Congratulations to newlyweds!


I think I love So-So. I'm already married, but I'll put him as a contender for my next husband :)


I stumbled upon your blog in "delightful blogs" and I love it! It's adorable; I'll visit again.

Mental P Mama

Emily sure has her priorities straight!


I love So-So!


Just dying to know where they registered!

I love So-So too. Kinda sad he's off the market now.


So, So So and Lou Lou are getting married and moving to Hamperville? Luckily this is an imaginary marriage...or is it?

The Kid

Not so much an "imaginary" marriage, but an "invisible' one...although, I'm not sure there is much of a difference in this case.


I hope So-So sticks around for awhile - now that he and Lou Lou are married they may decide to move out - I'll miss him if he goes.

Maria Hammon

LOL...too, too funny~


send my congratulations to so-so! how exciting for him!

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