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February 04, 2009



What a fella! Wonder if he would have been as supportive in the feminine products isle!


That is the best Target story I've ever heard.


Oh my gosh I LOVE that!

Brain Bunnies

He's a keeper. These are the kind of guys you marry. I love it!


I love this....that is LOVE. Really. I hope he went over to the tampon section next. he is a keeper.

Mental P Mama

That is adorable.


Great slice-of-life moment. I love how the guy looking at mascara packages is drawn to the Power XXL one. It makes sense.


awww! ARE you sure they were married? this sounds like pre-married behavior.

Grant forest

WEll isn't that just adorable--figures he is a Steelers fan.


awww that's so sweet! Love that song by madness btw :-)


Now *that* is a man.


What a GREAT story. I love it.


That ZZ Top line made me spit out my coffee! So you need to pay the dry cleaning bill for my friend.


i love it! i wonder he picks up her other "personal" items as well. that would be WAY impressive!

Serendipitous Girl

Awwwww that is ADORABLE! I love little found moments like these. And I don't know "She's got legs and knows how to use them ..." could really kind of a love ballad ...

big hair envy

I think I'm in love with that big, burly, Target-shopping guy:)


I love those little glimpses into other peoples' lives that add so much joy (or at least a spark) to your own! Thanks for sharing. VERY CUTE.

Vicki grobels

what an awesome guy!!!!!


Whenever I buy something like that I try to do it fast and know what I have to get before I go that area.

Elaina Avalos

That's so, so sweet!!


How cute! That's a story that will make anyone smile!


Like "Gimme all your lovin'" isn't romantic! Since when? Hahahaha/ Like the guys said up there, figures he is a Steelers' fan.


Sometimes guys surprise me!


Seriously awesome :)


Only you could have captured this for us, Suz. Thanks for the early valentine. : )

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