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February 09, 2009



Such a subject would present a dilemma: hide my head in the sand or embrace it to the point of obsession. A sad and troubling topic indeed. Can't click the link here at work, but I will later.

-- Laurie

fancy feet

What an incredible thing she's doing. It is despicable and something that has grown over time. How great that she's shining a light on something so dark.

Mental P Mama

Bless her heart. Our tired world needs more Libbys.


Absolutely fascinating. Good for her--this is something that so badly needs to be done. And to dedicate your entire life to it? Wow.

Thanks for passing this along.


Thanks for sharing this with us. It is terrifying that this trade continues in supposedly developed countries like yours and mine. I will definitely be looking at Libby's site when I get home and it has prompted me to look into charities in the UK also.


What a wonderful person she is....taking this on. I will go check out the links.
You have such an array of friends...

Peace Love and Momminess

I so admire people who take on the toughest stuff. It can't be easy. Amazing what she is doing and her dedication. Sounds like she was called to do it and stepped up. Thanks for sharing the good out there happening to stomp the evil. Debbie


Wow - I am definitely going to want to bring attention to Libby + The Playground Project in an issue of BellaKarma.com!

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