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February 10, 2009


Blond Duck

Stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi!


Those were good advices but I rather not have bacon. Kids are Sweden:) HAH HAA!


I love it, and the bacon tip I know will work on my husband. I usually make a big breakfast and then start to "to do list", he is so happy to have a hot breakfast he is almost will to listen to me.


Have you been peeking into my windows on Saturday mornings?
This is a great plan...I love it.
I can get nearly anything I want with bacon.
pretty simple people, those Men. :)

Mental P Mama

Bacon can fix anything. Nice technique.

Andrea Charroin

Well, bacon has been my secret wepon to a happy marriage, that and Tater-tot casserole.


"longer than the guitar solo in Free Bird!!!!" That one got me!!!!!
Let's Go Ducks!

Ann Again

You got it!
This is great.

Brain Bunnies

I have never thought of using bacon in such a way. I wonder what a little dab of grease behind the ear will do. I'm going to give your technique a try. Thanks.

Elaina Avalos

Since I'm not married, I'll have to store this one in my memory banks to pull out and use someday. :) Very funny!

Jen Broas

I doubt this will work with Chelsi & Zoe... Can I borrow your kids? :)


I have to back you up on this one, it totally works. Once I tell my 3 year old we're going somewhere, we'd better go or they'll be a meltdown. And my husband loves bacon, so that's always a great bribe. :)


I WOULD rather stare at the sun than a "to do list" even though it says "Honey do-list" and has a picture OF a honeydew on it I still hate it! wow.


Well...yeah...you COULD do all that. Ooooor...you could just have sex. Then he's all yours for at least 15 hours. Whatever you want done? Just name it! LOL


Oooh good one!
I do have to say my hubbie is a handy-man here around the house but bacon always warms his heart and makes everything better...


Love it!!


I can't wait to read the other confessions!
I can give my Hubby a To Do list a mile long... the only catch... I'm naked when I hand it to him.
I'm not joking.

Kristin A.

Awesome. i dont have kids though so ill try it on my dogs and report back. :D

fancy feet

I have done this.
And the bacon...what is it about bacon? My husband and his friends actually hold bonfires where they fry up bacon - tons and tons of bacon - over the fire. Just hanging out eating bacon...it's weird, right?
Great post!


Haha. Thanks for the bacon tip! I stopped making it by the pound when the boys moved out. Hubby and I were eating a whole package by ourselves. Gasp! Yeah, I know. Buy the half pound, right?

Good post, Suzanne!


Hello there! Another awesome post from you, as always! :D
Hey, any chance you'll be in Disneyland today or tomorrow?


Thanks for the hot tip - I will try this! I have used the Slurpee weapon for the kids with much success.

I want Andrea's tater tot casserole recipe!! That sounds yummy, especially with bacon.


Darn, it all sounded good until you got to the bacon part. (Vegetarian.) Maybe Yankee Candle company will come out with a bacon candle.

Big Hair Envy

Bacon hooks my man every time:)

I used to be able to bribe my daughter with Slurpees. We progressed to manis, and have now reached the Tiffany's stage....I can't afford to use "Sweden" too often!!! Bwahahaha!

Joe Sweden

LOL! That "free bird" line got me good! You're right, no guy like the "to do" list--handyman, my a**. Every guy would rather watch Twilight Zone reruns than fix a toilet.

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