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January 19, 2009


Mental P Mama


Elaina Avalos

It's a very good thing you and Larry did, contributing to Al Franken's campaign, as we desperately needed another mildly amusing, aging, white guy in Congress.

Okay but seriously, your thank you notes are too funny!


Now you need to show a close-up of your tattoo or a link to the post if you have already done that.

fancy feet

Love it!

Brain Bunnies

Can I get on next year's Christmas Money distribution list? Please make check payable to "J-Bunny's Facial Refresh Fund." I need a little lift. Thanks!

Grant Forest

Why don't you make them happy with your use of the money? You should tell them that you used the $$$ to help elect Bill O'Reily for prez.

The Glamorous Life

If I was your mom and dad I would totally just give you a certificate next year that says "In your honor we purchased a star in your name with your Christmas money"......Or maybe buy carbon off-sets with it. ya know...just to get even.


At least, it allowed me to search who is Al Franken !
I imagine your parents know your sense of humor since so many Christmas.


I've only visited a few times, but I love your sense of humor. The next time I get a monetary gift from Dad, I'm using the tatoo story, especially if it's for my kids!

Baby Favorite

Oh, how I love a good smartass! I am sure your parents live for those notes of yours.

Jen Broas

We laughed out loud! That's too funny! Keep up the great blogging.


that is too funny...seems they have the same silly sense of humor as you both. :)

Joe Sweden

Wicked, wicked girl! hahahaha


Tooo funny!


It reminds me of my hilarious, broke uncle. He's leaving all his money in his will to the United Negro College Fund.

your mother

We actually DID received that Thank-you note! Not taken seriously, of course -- OR, guess what you'd get next year -- no, don't guess! Love you lots -- you silly girl.

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