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January 20, 2009


Elaina Avalos

It's been a really great day to be an American! I'm still watching! They're covering the balls now of course. Because I'm prejudice, I've most enjoyed the bit from the military ball with President Obama chatting it up with fellow Chicagoans currently serving in Afghanistan. But that's my bias. All in all, I've been so emotional all day. His first official act as President was this: http://tinyurl.com/9hg94y. Nice way to cap the day!

Andrea Charroin

I am still laughing about Larry saying 'the birds are singing'...Thanks for sharing the great art of Eric, I will check it out!

Joe Sweden

...and so, my crush on you deepens. I hope your 'tough guy' husband doesn't read your comments.


Great post. Your husband is funny....he is also very handsome. You can tell him I said that!!!
Have a great day,


LOL!!! I died laughing when I clicked the clink for your husband!!! "The birds are singing!" He was a green beret! Hope the guys he served with don't read your blog!!! He'll never hear the end of it.
Great artwork.


YAY! I can actually access your site today! Don't know for how long . . .

More excited today than yesterday about the new administration, as I realized when I saw news coming "from the White House" and that means something entirely new today than last week. So thrilled to have a person with Obama's tenacity, brains and focus be my president.

Love the Prez illustration.

p.s. Mr. Broughton is extremely impressive. Opening any boutique hotels up my way any time soon? I dust and wash windows (sometimes) . . .


Your husband is tough, and mine is dashing. We're so lucky!

Mental P Mama

God Bless your husband, and God Bless our new President.


The circle!!! I love that area. I had no clue that starbucks did a free coffee if you voted... then they owe us about a million cups!

fancy feet

Loving the president as pez. He's a good one - that one. I look forward to what will be.


Hi Suz! I've been by just haven't posted. I left a message on my blog for you explaining.
This inauguration IS an extraordinary meeting of the virtual and the real. I love your PEZ/PREZ!
As for your photography, you're doing great. You have a good eye and your photos are always spot on. If you feel like me, maybe you're working too hard to get the photo where you want it. I took a simple photography class, an overview of digital photography and techniques, and it helped a lot. It took place over two nights and it made all the difference. As for Photoshop, I totally identify. It's my next obstacle to conquer. Don't give up on the photos, that would be a loss to us all.

Ms. Cupcake

Darn. I really want that Prez Pez dispenser. LOL LOL LOL. Hey, maybe your friend can create a real one. It would be a big seller. The Obama thong was! LOL.

lisa mertins

what a perfect addition to the obama art eric's pezprez is! and don't you love how in this ultra-modern world that the imagery is illustration instead of photographic?!?! i sure do. and thanks for letting us know where we can get our own linoprint. i'm having a hard time processing all my heady joy over the dawn of this new day!

Ducks fan

"Tastes like liberty!" That was awesome!
The Ducks were pitiful tonight. Jiggy is a mess. What is happening? So sad to watch.

Kate Parker

Great artwork. Very original and fun. Thanks for posting it.


Do you think the candy in the Prez dispenser tastes like liberty too?

Hope it's ok- I linked to you today.


Brain Bunnies

Love the Prez Pez and your video too. What a great day!


OMG! I LOVE your video...talk about capturing HISTORY! :D And yes, what a new exciting week this has been! Sooooo proud to be an American! :D

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