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January 19, 2009



Please don't fall into that trap. Photography is what you see. And you DO SEE. Technical skills you can learn as you go along. Photoshop doesn't make photography, you do!


Great pics and great shoes. That is definitely a place I could love. I know what you mean about the dilemma you're facing too...I feel the same way about my writing. It's about time I put up or shut up. I think you're a lovely photographer and I like the vision you try to bring...maybe there's something to that. ;)

Elaina Avalos

You have such a great eye and so very often when I see your photos, I see how badly I want to improve my skills. So whether you take a class or not, you're an awesome photographer. That said, I do understand though, a desire to improve upon the skills you already have, as I feel that with my writing more than anything.


Those pictures are just gorgous. You really have a great eye for the photos...they give off such a great feeling of what and how you see things.
You should move forward and keep on with it...you are very talented. And photoshop? you don't need that....you have mad skills w/ the lens girl!!!

Mental P Mama

I think you have an amazing talent and eye. Photoshop can't do that.

Susan M

Ditto to everything everyone else has said. You have a great eye.

Brain Bunnies

I need alone time too. These photo are beautiful. I especially love the top one. I think you should have kept those fab shoes.

fancy feet

I refuel being alone too. I'm glad you had some alone time.

Pursue it. If you love photography and it appears that you do pursue it and see what happens. You've got an eye for it.

Grant Forest

That surprises me that you're not a trained photographer. I do think you are talented and some further training would benefit you. But, is that what you want to do? I thought you wanted to be a writer. What about video? I see your point, you have to make some decisions.
I like that first photo very much. I also like the Pet Shop Boys, but only some of their stuff. This song I like.

big hair envy

Do those shoes come in black?

GO FOR IT! Life is too short for you NOT to pursue photography:)

A girl can never have too much alone time...

Kirsten Wright

I absolutely love the photo of the shoes! It feeds my inner shop-a-holic! keep the pics coming :)


Lot of confessions in this post. There is a need for those every once in a while. I can say that you can write and take good photographs. Art deco and Pet Shop Boys show that you have taste (IMO). Maybe you are not a photoshopping wizard (is that a word?) but you can´t have time for everything.

Lynn Simpson

Hey Suz

I could talk forever abot almost anything but especially photography (one of my current passions but that can all change tomorrow cause that is the kind of person I am). You have a wonderful eye and that truly is what photography is about...

Joe Sweden

Once you decide your direction, then you should make decisions. Otherwise you're just wasting your time. It seems like you are good at a lot of things, but you want to be great at something right? Don't we all?
I've had a few beers and the Ducks lost and I'm all "Dr. Phil" right now...


Very nice pictures; they evoke feelings of relaxation and pleasure. I'm also a person who needs alone time to recharge. I get my best ideas and inspirations alone. You should explore more about photography. You have a good eye, understand composition and obviously have a passion for it. My husband is a professional and he's still learning and discovering new things every day. He's just as excited today about his career choice as he was in college.


I get very frustrated all the time with myself when it come to photography. I am self talk (very green) and some days the shot are spot on and then other days I just don't seem to get it.
I think you've got a great eye and perspective. Like other say, it you that make the photographer not the software.


I love spending time alone as well. Go with your gut on photography. If you love it then you have to continue! But if you are frustrated to often, then maybe not? I love the photos above. The shoes are awesome, the one with you in the window is pretty darn cool as well.


oh what a bummer you have to return the shoes! They're almost very 1920's ish...lovely ironwork on the gate in the first photo...


You are a NATURAL! I love your photography. Seeing through your lens the way you do is ART! Keep it up!


Your photos are beautiful. Some people have the eye and some don't. You do. Go for it.


Depends what you want to do with it and the reasons why it's frustrating for you. You do take lovely photos and have a great perspective. I'm in my third quarter of Photoshop right now and am loving it. There is definitely a learning curve and I feel like it's just beginning to sink in. Basic editing is pretty easy to learn though. I can recommend some great books if you want to try to delve in yourself.


It all starts with a creative zone found in an afternoon - way to go! Whether you "stay put" or push ahead with your photography learning curve, you're doing something right! Keep up the great work!


Wow! Great pics! Love those shoes! We must have similar taste in shoes. I blogged about this babies in November and now they're on sale!



Love the shoes!

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