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November 07, 2008


Cupcake Von Rotten

You are so NOT annoying! You should never stop talking about your article. It was/is awesome. I carry it around with me to show people and one of my favorite parts is saying, "I know the woman who wrote this. Her blog is so fun to read." I'm thrilled that you got bit by that pesky derby bug too. I feel like I talk derby way too much, but then when I don't bring it up someone else always does, so it must not be TOO annoying. Right? LOL
PS Love your pom poms! They are almost as adorable as you.

Well Behaved Krissy

Pom Poms make me smile.


But it's so exciting to see something you've worked hard on in print and hearing other people actually read the thing!


P.S. I tagged you yet again on my blog! I'm off for the next several days so take care and I'll read you when I get back :)


You are so funny. I would totally be doing the same thing myself. Shameless. ;)


LOSER! Him, not you! I would be looking for every opportunity to talk to people who actually read my entire article! You rock!!


Ha! Like you can stop yourself! Love the pom-poms!

Ms. Brain Bunnies

I'm loving your pom-poms. They remind me of pink bunny tails. Any guy that buys his wife pom-poms for their anniversary is a keeper. You're so right about our husbands getting us!

Keep spreading the word about your Roller Derby article. I bet that guy was just being cool. He couldn't wait to tell all his friends about meeting the writer.

Keep on rolling!

Grant forest

Probably a jealous, frustrated writer-type working at Chick's.


My sister and I had handmade yarn pom=poms for our skates. OMG! I loved them. These are cute too. I want to go roller skating now! It would be so fun to get together with my sister and our old friends for another lap around the rink. I wonder if I could get my hubby to skate backward on couples skate! Probably!


"Did you ever know you are annoying someone, but feel totally powerless to stop yourself?"

Yes very well but not the way you described it. Without pom-poms too.


Well, that's what blogs are for, so you can share your enthusiasm for things no one else seems to care about! My husband and son don't visit my blog, and don't get me started on other peeps WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER but still roll their eyes when the subject comes up. And I love the pom poms. Woohoo!


Now I have to get pom-poms. But first I need to get roller skates. Thanks for the link.


Now I have to get pom-poms. But first I need to get roller skates. Thanks for the link.

fancy feet

I loved this. You should be excited and squealing and shoving.....you're in print!!

Great pom-poms!


OMG, Love the pink pom poms. They are PERFECT!

Big Hair Envy

Oh, NO, my face is turning green with POM POM ENVY!!!!! Is it acceptable to buy a pair for myself??

If I had written that article, I would tape it to the back glass of my car and write "I WROTE THIS" beside it with glass markers!! (I would also hang my pink pom poms from the rear view mirror.)


You have every right to talk about your article over and over and OVER again!
I think you should go back to that shop with a framed copy of your article for him to hang in his shop. ;)


Did you ever type into a comment form a whole bunch of stuff which did NOT go where you thought it went but then you spent skads of time looking for it, in case it was incriminating later?

Me neither.

You are PUBLISHED, and I'm jealous and admiring from afar and suddenly feeling like I have a big poke dent in my chest.

Also? I have a title for your next roller derby article:

"Oooo, Talk DERBY to Me." Unless that's hackneyed, in which case, never mind.


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