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November 04, 2008


Ms. Brain Bunnies

Hey, I'll arm wrestle you for those bunny ears.


Scary Pirate Lady

p.s. I mailed in my vote…convenient, but I don’t get the cool sticker.

p.p.s. Mighty proud to be a part of the Smart Women Vote lineup. Thanks!


Great picture...this Smart Woman sent her vote in early.....I am so excited about being part of history being made with today's election.

The Glamorous Life

I am buffant, bow wearing ,glasses gal. And that is exactly who I would have picked for me. You know me so well.

I voted (via mail) like 2 years, okay 2 weeks ago.

I am so excited. I want it over.



oooh I'll be the one with the big as ear rings LOL.
We're getting ready to vote here too, election day is this Saturday for us, can't wait, we definitely need a change.

Big Hair Envy

You know, it's unusual for ALL of one's friends to look so good in hats!

I voted before dawn this morning. Things are not pretty at the polls in Virginia. LOOOONG lines, inadequate parking, broken machines..... Glad I live in a rural area. Parked in a field (true story), and only waited in line for 25 minutes. Now, we'll just go out for dinner and drinks and let the others fight the crowds this evening - when people are in BAD MOODS after working all day:)


I voted at around 11am and waited only 30 minutes, in the MD 'burbs of DC. Now I'm sitting on my bed, watching election returns and dodging little boys wielding Hot Wheels cars, and feeling a little bit as if there's a big party that I didn't get invited to. Not that I know anyone who was having a big election return party or anything, but, the EXCITEMENT!


i worked at a polling site at UCI today and it was amazing. very exhausting, but very rewarding. thanks to everyone who voted and/or worked on a campaign. we had a constant, heavy stream of voters from opening till well after the polls closed (anyone in line at 8:00 got a chance to vote). i'm just grateful i was able to contribute in my own small way.


OOOH I am so excited to be of Smart Women Vote! I did indeed. No lines here though.

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