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November 05, 2008



Yes one feels this way some times :( However you made a good well illustrated story out of it which I enjoyed! Particularly the footsteps photograph!
And congrats for your new president! We'll be voting on Saturday for NZ's next 3 years government and PM. Cheers!

Well Behaved Krissy

The kids are freaking, but I LOVE the wet footprints picture. And they way you describe him.. yum ;)

Mental P Mama

Those footprints make up for everything else.


I love the footprints on the pavement...great shot!!


I feel the same way when I visit the town where I grew up and so much has changed and not for the better.
Love the foot prints..you have such a great eye.


I still have my Golden Bear birck!

The Glamorous Life

So my (surfer) kids are just discovering HB. And they think it is the greatest place ever. EVER. They have decided we are moving there very soon. We might. Who knows.

I am constantly saying things like "oh my gosh..this USED to be cool/better/neater/etc"...and Jack finally said one day "mom we like it NOW". So I learned to just shut up. Sometimes my nostalgia can be such a buzz kill for them.

lovely photo story- really says it all.

The Glamorous Life

Hey why am I no longer on your blogroll?
Bummer. And that was my claim to fame too...


Not quite the same, but there is a 'newer' safari sam's in hollywood- did you know that? It must have relocated after the HB fiasco..

Big Hair Envy

I LUV me some lifeguards and surfer dudes!!! Ohhhh, summer is SO far away:(

I'm glad those fabulous footprints cheered you up:) I don't think there's ANYTHING that a little sun, sand and surf can't fix!


Oh, I love that last photograph! It's really wonderful.

Ms. Brain Bunnies

Great shots...makes me miss HB. Oh wait...a minute I live in Huntington Beach. Best place in the whole world. Thanks for capturing some really cool images. Especially, those surfer foot prints.


I had the same experience of disconnectedness in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of DC, where I lived and worked from 1990-1994, and am now working there again 14 years later. Where the independent movie theater used to be, they just opened a CVS/pharmacy. And my favorite independent (local DC chain) bookstore has just finally closed for good within the past month. It just ain't the same!

Love the wet footprints!


Wow, I love the wet footprints. I can see exactly the scene you describe. And I can smell the surfboard wax too!!

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