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November 05, 2008


lisa mertins

great video suzanne! and you're right, that speech is awe-inspiring. "my, my, my it's a beautiful day..."

the kid

i'm really loving your videos, suz. despite the disappointment of some by last night's results, it's hard not to be proud of the progress our country has made. thanks for capturing the moment here.

Mental P Mama

That is the awesomest of the awesome. And I am covered in chills for the thousandth time in 24 hours. I love this country of ours.


I didn't vote for Obama, but I am filled with pride for our Country. I am optimistic. And I'm NEVER optimistic. Nice job, as always.


Great Vid Suz. Yes, chills.

Although I do hope someday we value human rights as much as animal rights..


Yahoo for sure! (see, on your screen above Obama's picture?)

Great video!

I only wish Dr. King could have shared in it. So exciting. I'm so proud!


what an amazing 24 hours. the long hours and hard work yesterday at the polling site was absolutely worth it. i got home around 11:00 last night and watched barack' speech and was just awestruck. and today it was very hard not to get choked up when looking at the images of people all over the world celebrating.


I'm so proud of you for making that video. I can see you sharing it with your kids and your grandkids and their kids and grandkids... and giving them chills, too. Fantastic, A+ job of locking down that moment for your family, forever. Although your great great grandkids will probably go, "What? She only had two starbucks to choose from on one block?"


Aw, man, X -- New World! I know, I know, I'm always seeing the stuff I'm not supposed to pay attention to . . . but I haven't heard that song since I wore it out on my cassette deck.

Beautiful job, as always, of capturing the important stuff (and the mundane stuff) of Life with a capital L. MWAHH!!


It is sad that they have let it go down there a bit. It was a sad day when the Golden Bear went down. It is still a fun town.

Grant Forest

Nice work. "Tastes like Liberty."

fancy feet

Great video! I'm Canadian, but have been very impacted by everything leading up to your election and everything the day of. I was watching for hours on Tuesday night. I'm happy and hopeful for you - our neighbors - and look forward to what the next few years bring!
Thanks for sharing this.


I must say that I liked your video, but the highlight of your post are really the comments! Cheers and have a great weekend!

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