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October 07, 2008


Mental P Mama

When I am old, I will wear whatever I damn well want. Probably not that red/purple combo.


The last thing I want to do when I'm old is wear a uniform. Heck, it'll probably get to the point where people will consider themselves lucky if I remember to wear undergarmets!

The Glamorous Life

Well I will be there right beside you in my Doc. Martins and some totally inappropriate t-shirt as well. We will go to concerts and drink hard liquor. Our grand children will talk about us. But we will just smile.

Big Hair Envy

Is it wrong to spit and drink hard liquor? In my "neck" of the woods, those are party games. Bahahahaha!

Cupcake Von Rotten

The purple and red army scare me. I flat out refuse to get old. No way! No how! Ain't gonna happen! {hmpf}


Noooooooooooo way am I going to wear a red hat! I'm all for having fun, but this isn't me.

Amanda at The Lounge

I have to say it - I can't stand the red hat old lady club.


I'll hang with you when your old. No hats though. Except when it's cold. It's tough out there for a bald guy.


I still subscribe to my hometown weekly newspaper, and there's a monthly update about the latest meeting of the Red Hat Honeybees. It usually goes like this: "The Red Hat Honeybees met at the Covered Wagon for a luncheon of chicken salad on a croissant, strawberry / spinach salad with poppy seed dressing, rolls and butter, coffee and tea. Ruth read a devotion and Mid read a humorous reading. Lee Anne provided favors for all members and Joanie made a keepsake frame to commemorate the occasion. There were twelve members in attendance." Yep, this is the kind of stuff that makes the newspaper in a sleepy, rural area. NO THANKS.

In a town nearby, there's an entire shop devoted to the red and purple paraphernalia.

Not for me. No way. No hats.


This strikes me as completely right. Not that I want to offend the Red Hatters. But, seriously, wouldn't it be more fun if you could wear whatever you wanted PLUS the crazy sparkly red hat? Personally, I would get some Wizard of Oz ruby slippers to complement them. But that's just because I like my accessories all matchy matchy. ;)

Cactus Petunia

Will you invite me to your sixtieth birthday? It sounds like it could be fun!

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