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October 15, 2008


Mental P Mama

They were probably transplants from here. It is frightening what these girls look like. God, I sound like a mean old lady. Hey, I am a mean old lady.

Big Hair Envy

I'm thinking of dressing up as a Dirty Pirate Hooker for Halloween. Perhaps I should get my 16 YEAR OLD the same costume and we could go together. Good grief! What are people today thinking??? Is there no modesty left?


I agree...girls should look like girls and not street walkers. The father is an idiot. Perhaps he will profit from her upcoming porn career? Just kidding. I do find it terribly distasteful that most costumes are "slutty".
I had one, oh, way back in 1986, but I was 19 at the time. And by no means a slut, but alas, I was the french maid. :)
My kids....will never do that whilst living with moi.
Now in real life, I am just a maid. Kidding.
Take care,


OMG! Thank God for mean ladies. I only hope there's a level headed mom somewhere at home. Unfortunately it sounds like a single dad who thinks indulging every whim will make him the favored parent.
When I took my son to the DMV for his license, we saw a classmate of his. She obviously liked the look of thigh highs with her shorty short catholic school skirt. Tons of makeup. And her dad is standing next to her!
Of course when we got to our car, I gave my usual, "do NOT bring THAT girl home to me." So far it has worked. (fingers crossed)


They should take away his man card, if he ever had one. The dad, not your friend Andy. He sounds like a funny guy.

The Glamorous Life

I think I love the Queen of Halloween.

That was a BRAVE thing to do. Even if she didn't win.
Maybe when that kid comes home crying from the Halloween party where Bobby or/and Jimmy made inappropriate advances because he assumed she was 'that kind of girl' he will regret buying the risque costume.

Not sayin that ever happened to me (it did) at fifteen (dressed as Daisy-Mae) but it could have.


Some parents just have no shame. Kudos to the cashier chick for trying to do some good in the world.

Btw, Big Hair Envy, watch any Ace of Cakes lately? :p

vicki grobels

I have no idea who the "queen of halloween" is but i love her. good for her telling that girl and her tacky father how inappropriate the costume it. It's just unfortunate dad didn't listen to her.


Amusing story to tell.....even though, yes, its kind of sad that it is true so often of parents these days.

andrea (scout)

god bless the queen of halloween. i wish there was some way to eavesdrop on the rest of this conversation...you know, after they got home, and her mother opened up the bag and flipped the eff out. :)


See I get it. All these people who left comments get it. Your friend Andy gets it. But, her own dad doesn't get it. So sad.


In response to Andrea (scout)'s comment: you might be right but it's also very possible that mom will squeal in delight and borrow baby girl's costume to wear to her adult costume party. The apple usually doesn't fall to far from the tree. Sad isn't it?

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