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October 20, 2008



That four-year old is such a boy. Just HAS to touch the water. Nice video. I might try to make it down there next month. Thanks for the heads-up.
PS you need to get a better video camera. Maybe we can all start a pool or something.

lisa mertins

excellent video suzanne! i want to go next month too :)

Doug l.

Sounds like fun. I won't need the use of Chris though. I'm old enough to see naked ladies.
Saw you in the paper today. Good article.


Very cute. I love Blondie and Dogs too. So great the band was able to get together to play some background music just for your awesome video.
The four year old cam, made me a bit dizzy. But that is ok, I survived the 80's, and I shall survive the dizziness now too.
Thanks for sharing.
ps. the cat is still scary. :)

Ms. Brain Bunnies

I'm missing something here. Where is this place?

Ms. Brain Bunnies

Forget my first comment. My brain wasn't turned on yet. Anyway, this looks like a fab place to explore.

Carrie Horton

Oh, I wanted to come too, it looks like great fun. The is right across the street from Jay's office, just right here....

Alias Liz Jones

Great video! I enoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

El Diablo Blanco

Thanks for taking the time to take the walk in. We love having you, come again next month. www.santiagoartdistrict.com


I thank you hbulmy for sharing your wisdom JJWY

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