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October 15, 2008



Is it sad that I have a bottle of Love's Baby Soft in my drawer as we speak because it reminds me back in the day? (That's a rhetorical, I know it is) I'm an 80's baby through and through though :)


The video is funny. I remember that one well. I also love anything 70's or 80's...
Love the links...you are too funny. that Dress you wore for the Ernst and Young award....Freakin' Smashing!!!!! You should wear it everyday. I would. :)


I loved this video. I even owned the record.


I loved this song in high school, I'm a 1968 baby and the 80's music was something special. My girlfriend was really into the music of the day. I was more drawn to the older music of the Who and Doors and anything like Jethro Tull but the 80's music certainly markets that period in time distinctly.


One of the best pop songs and videos from 80´s. Why it had to be mutilated? Hah, that was funny!

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