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October 21, 2008



thanks for clarifying :)


God you are funnier than I remember, and I even
thought you were funny then.
Love the blog! Consider me a dedicated reader.
Thank you for the purse lesson, the boys just don’t understand the need.

Off to grab a diet coke....no straw for me.


Everything is becoming so clear to me now. Thanks.

The Glamorous Life

Dear Suzanne-

We at The Glamorous Life Association would like to thank you for your recent submission to the Glamorous In Real Life (G.I.R.L)Party. It is post such as these which serve our glamorous community in many ways. They help to educate the less glamorous (or male) faction of our community, as well as allow other members to utilize when researching their own causes. I am certain woman will be able to rationalize another handbag purchase thanks to you and your comprehensive explanation.

You will receive your lifetime membership card in the mail soon.

Marcy Massura


Big Hair Envy

Excellent tutorial. For the next installment, could you cover shoes? I believe that men need to understand WHY women need the same shoe in black AND brown, and why it's important to have SEVERAL types of shoes in the same color. Thanks! Women all over the world are applauding you right now:)

Mental P Mama

Printing out for the males in this house. Can you do a black boot and shoe one next?


Hooray for purses of all types and purposes. We also need to do a tutorial on lotions, as in you do not apply foot cream to your face, hand lotion is not the same as face cream, under-eye gel is not the same as hand sanitizer. On and on it goes... we could create a whole side party to the Glamorous Party.
--MomZombie (who relies upon eye gel to look alive)


Amen! Next up, pillows!


Thanks. Wes needed that lesson explained to him with pretty pictures.

Doug l.

I still don't get it.

Suzanne Broughton

Andrea--just doing what I can.
Doug--I will try to be more clear next time.
Marcy--Thanks. I really want a t-shirt.


This is perfection purse-onified! (Ugh, sorry.)
Quick follow-up question: Are pocketbooks a subset of purses, or clutches?

Great post!

Kelly George

Thank you for clearing that up!!!! Now I need to explain this to my 4 year old who told me "mom you never need to buy any more purses because you have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many", after going into my newly organized closet. Boys! I think he was promted by his dad.

Sweet Mummy

My Sweetie asked me the other day, after hearing a 'fashion' commercial on the radio, "What IS the difference between a clutch and a handbag?" (Like he really cares... he was just being goofy!) But I couldn't answer him. Now I can SHOW him!! LOL! Thanks for the clarification!


Umm...I don't carry a purse, handbag, clutch, tote, or even a string bag. I know, I know, I am so NOT a girl...but why have pockets if I'm not going to use them??

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who may not have grown out of being a tomboy, after all)


This is funny to me because when we were in Las Vegas, strolling through the shops (which I considered a small victory - getting the husband to at least feign interest as we walked past some of the high-end boutiques), he noticed that there were PURSES (his word, obviously the poor soul doesn't know a purse from a handbag from a clutch, but here it's a catch-all term) in EVERY SINGLE SHOP and then he fixated on it. He was all, is this what rich people spend their money on? Purses? How many purses does one person need?

Seriously, it got kinda funny, and I started noticing it, too. They were everywhere, the handbags and purses. And while he was all, WTF??, I secretly wished I had so much disposable income that I could buy all the cute purses I saw, because how much fun is a new handbag?? LOVE.THEM.


Hahaha, too funny! Is it bad that I kinda needed this lesson too?

Carrie Horton

Love this one! One can "NEVER" have enough purses. You see purses do not have size tags on them. So when you are feeling bloated or fat, you can wear any bag. Bags never have to be given away because they do not fit anymore. Husbands need to get that so they will not get all hot and bothered when we wives spend a lot of money on a purse or a handbag. It ALWAYS fits! Key....it ALWAYS fits....

Julie P

OMG! So Funny! Perfection!

Connie Davis

Bahahaha! I am emailing this to my husband. He thinks I make this stuff up!

the kid

Huuuhh? me no understand.

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