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October 31, 2008


Doug L.

You seem so sweet, but this proves you are truly demented deep inside. Which is awesome! Happy halloween.

Big Hair Envy

Happy Halloween! I want to fly out to CA and roller skate with you. TODAY!


Very cute and a bit creepy. I like!!!


You've got something seriously wrong with you. Really really WRONG! Keep up the good, I mean bad, work.


I can really, really relate to that !!! Toooo funny :-)

Mental P Mama

That might be a little too true for some people I know....


How does a finger shatter to millions of pieces. I´m left to imagine what that is.

Grant Forest

This was linked all through Twitter today. Very good. Hope you had a good halloween and weren't late once. hahahahaha

fancy feet



heh. love it!

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