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October 14, 2008



I've never heard this song before and it made my heart beat very slow and soft in my chest... It reminds me of my momma. Thank you. :)


Great Picture!!!
I have not heard that song in ages...thanks for sharing.
Have A good day.

Mental P Mama

Beautiful song. Wonderful shot. As always.


Best margarita's in OC. Would like to hear THEM play Cactus Tree.

Big Hair Envy

Those guys are SO cute!!!

lisa mertins

this song -- in my top 10 all-time favorites. but listening to it just now, made me cry...


They do have really good margaritas! When I'm home in December...I plan on having one or more (haha). Moreno's is always a required stop when I am "home" for the holidays.

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