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October 08, 2008



at least a few of these were taken around the orange circle (sorry, the plaaaaza). i'm pretty sure the bottom left was taken at the lab and i know the bottom right was taken at the santa ana train station. i'm pretty certain the center left and center top were taken at the circle. was the beach one taken at heisler park? damn it, this is going to plague me all night!

Mental P Mama

No fair. Now do a selection of windows here....

Big Hair Envy

Those are SO beautiful! I have no clue where any of them are located, but I do know that they are NOT in Virginia!

My cousin once lived in Mexico. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to visit her, and we spent an entire day looking at beautiful doors! Thanks for bringing back some great memories.....


Oooh, I know! They're ALL in Orange County!

Boo-ya! I'll take my seven trill in small untraceable bills, please.

George's Mexican

That's George of George's Mexican Food in the lower middle picture. I eat there every weekend.


Great shots. Can I hang out with you? You're my idol. I tried to do something like this and it did not come out as nice.


I love that one with the coloured glass in it!


The top middle one is here:



I know the lower one is Georges. A couple are in the Circle. Not sure about the rest. This was fun...

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