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October 03, 2008



Looks like Dennis Hopper to me. I could be wrong.
The sky is amazing in this picture. Well done.

Mental P Mama

That sky is spectacular. As is the composition of this shot. For all I know;) Well done!


What an awesome photo, the statue is a great contrast to the beautiful blue of the sky and those clouds, delightful. Great job and welcome to SkyWatch. I have only been here a few weeks myself and I know you will have a fun time. People are so friendly here.

Ivar Ivrig

Beautiful SWF. Excellent composition. Well done :-)


Wow - way cool sky. I think it looks like Leonardo DeCaprio. Perhaps moonlighting for his next big role...?


I have the feeling that I´m somewhere really high up and that statue is very big, althhough that may not be the case. Lovely photo.

Jen Machado

You're so clever!!! :) I love seeing all of your shots. Hey, can you be sure to bring your camcorder to the wedding? I'd love to have our first dance taped by you! :)

Big Hair Envy

I don't know who he is supposed to be, but the photo is breathtaking.


Great choice for a SkyWatch post! I have no clue, either, who the statue depicts......perhaps some historical church person from that area.

matt mc

Awesome photo! Really, very good.
I think it is supposed to be Jesus. Why would they have Dennis Hopper on their grave? Unless they are die-hard hippies. Then MAYBE.


I say Dennis Hopper, too. Maybe Dennis Hopper playing Jesus.

Bad Bunny

Love this picture. When I lived in Texas we would get clouds like that...I called them Jesus Clouds.

The Kid

Holy tomoli, this is an amazing shot Suz! I'm so proud of you, and tickled that you're having so much fun. (i used the words "tomoli" and "tickled" in one comment--very uncharacteristic)

Loria Schleiff

Indeed, that's a wonderful shot! The statue seems like a nice addition to a cemetery. It's very uplifting, yet quite peaceful to look at. It sets a good aura of sorts among the quiet graves that rest around that place.

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