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October 19, 2008



Enjoyed your view of the party. Scary feline. Loved the photo of Em the best. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world.


You take the best photographs. I don't care what you say, that cat is evil. :)
have a good day,

Mental P Mama

What a beautiful series. Love Em and her book;) I may borrow this idea....

Big Hair Envy

Your photos are just beautiful! When my daughter was in middle school, I started taking a few B/W pictures at her dances, etc. She couldn't understand WHY I would want to take those. By the time she hit 8th grade, she and her friends always wanted extra copies of those "old" B/W photos!! Now, she takes them herself:) Go figure.

Thanks for sharing!

The Glamorous Life

The picture of Em with her dainty pearl bracelet is so so charming...love it. Love em all. Well, maybe not the hairless evil cat..but all the rest for sure.


Not buying that about the cat. Sorry.
Lovely pictures as usual and the song, excellent choice.

fancy feet

The photo of Em with the book is fab.

Ms. Brain Bunnies

Beautiful. I especially love the shot of Jill and Nixon. And Em with her book is priceless.

Carrie Horton

Simply beautiful. I adore he shot of Jill, she is stunning!


I know strange looking cats are rarely evil, they have just been blessed with more character!

Julie P

Jill-yes, beautiful.
Cat-no, not buying it.
Em-yes, so precious.
Library-if you say so, nice picture though

vicki g

Great photos!
love the one of Jill and Em!
the cat is very scary

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