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October 03, 2008


Mental P Mama

Look how adorable you are! He is an idiot. I don't associate with idiots. Neither should you. I'd show up in a tiara next time.

doug L.

I think you should just let your husband take care of this one.
I like your confession about the skateboarders, particularly embarrassing.


Yeah, I agree with Doug, let you husband handle this guy.
My favorite confession is the one that you pretend you are ordering for more people than you just you. That is something only a girl will do. Guys look at food consumption as a badge of honor.

Big Hair Envy

Go with MPM's suggestion and wear the tiara. I have a really cute one I'll let you borrow for the season. I would also recommend a scarf, or perhaps a boa, that you can "innocently" fling in his direction. The next week, you can show up with cookies. Kill him with kindness. Hopefully by the end of the season he will cease to exist in your world :)

Matt mc

Sounds like the men want your husband to take care of this guy. In looking through posts about your husband, I think he can handle with no problem.


Buy him a beer, stare deeply into his eyes, and when he's finally acting somewhat civil, drop some verbal bomb in his lap. How about, "I was never this pretty when I was a man." Then bat your eyelashes and hawk up a lunger and spit it at his feet.

I dunno, just free-associating. *I* liked you instantly.

Cupcake Von Rotten

Next time, you just tell that guy your friends are the OC Roller Girls and he better be nice to you if he knows what's good for him! As for your confessions, I adore PCH Hot Dogs Chili Fries and I HATE that they give me two forks like I'm supposed to share them.

I'm kind of ashamed because I think you said, 'that's interesting" to me when we were at Starbucks. {gasp}

The Kid

I'm going to crush him!

Joe Sweden

This guy deserves to be beaten repeatedly. There you are with your kids just TRYING to enjoy the game--looking as cute, I might add. That's just uncalled for.

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